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Flying Gluten Free: Emirates (Business Class) Gluten Free Meals (Spring 2015)

Usually, I travel on British Airways but with prices these days, and a preferable option of travelling with a stop-over in Dubai /Abu Dhabi, Emirates was my chosen carrier. ( I know BA  cater for many different allergens and on previous travels I have had my  British Airways  Traveller Plus Gluten Free meal,  British Airways Club World Gluten Free Meal and on the last holiday in Club World, so ordered my Emirates “Gluten Free” meal ahead of time.

Outbound Emirates A380 LHR – DUB Business Class March 2015

In the lounge at London Heathrow, watching over the arriving aircraft, and it is a monster of a plane, there is a good selection of cold and hot snacks.

My aircraft arrives whilst I watch it from the Lounge.

A selection of hot items

A selection of foods in fridges.

Onboard the A380, Business Class is located at upstairs, not that you board with the Economy passengers but by a door at the end of the lounge which takes you directly onto a pier and onto the upper deck of the aircraft.

Chicken salad, GF roll and Salad

Main Course; Fish with Pea puree and shredded vegetables.

The food out of London Heathrow was dull. The chicken salad was ruined for me with the avocado which I just avoided completely and the main course, whilst substantial enough, it was just rather plain and tasteless. Shame, that the GF meals are always such plain plane food!

After landing in Dubai, I found the Business Class lounge and was impressed with a very good selection of hot and cold foods. They had no labels identifying specific food allergies but they did have various warning messages, requesting assistance. I opted for a simple salad with some smoked salmon as it was now the middle of the night and my body was confused.

In the Dubai Lounge (in the middle of the night).

Outbound Emirates A380 DUB – SIN Business Class March 2015

Breakfast before you land into Singapore.

As previously discussed on airline food, it is a shame that you can not specify more allergen information as I opted for the GLUTEN FREE meal but also suffer from Egg Yolk allergy, so eating the omelette (fake egg or not) wasn’t going to happen. I enjoyed the fruit, yogurt and potatoes before landing!

Inbound Emirates A330 KWL – DUB Business Class April 2015

Chick Pea salad with more salad, GF bread.

The started tray on the A330 from Kuala Lumpa was excellent. The chickpeas were crunchy (and soft!) and deliciously filling alongside the excellent GLUTEN FREE bread. The main course was salmon with new potatoes and some vegetables. It was good it came with a tasty savoury sauce otherwise it would have been dry and tasteless. The final course was a tray of fruit although the Cabin Crew did come along with Haagan Daaz ice-cream (which contain GLUTEN) so I opted not for one!


My Main Course (salmon) and fruit as my dessert.

Before we landed into Dubai, a hot snack was served and like many airlines, there is no ceremony and announcement but it is carefully placed on the linen tablecloth. Small pieces of chicken marinated in a tomato sauce with red and green peppers. If anything, this was a little small as it teases your tastebuds and then nothing!

A hot snack before I landed: chicken pieces in a mild tomato sauce.

Inbound Emirates B777 DUB – LGW Business Class April 2015

 And my final Emirates journey was back home to London. It is a strange flight from Dubai, leaving at 235 am so the food is not a key feature of this flight! Having relaxed in the lounge, once onboard, I had fallen asleep before we had taken off, and woke only to have the duvet placed on my flat bed and back to sleep.

Hot breakfast in Business Class from Emirates.

The GLUTEN FREE bread was interesting: warmed up it had gone hard, which might have been my fault as I had originally said I wouldn’t have a breakfast but after several hours sleeping, I was awake and hungry. The plain yogurt was eaten with the fruit (and jam!) whilst the bread was ignored. The hot breakfast looked exciting with chicken sausages, omelette, tomato and potatoes. The Crew assured me that the Chicken Sausage was GLUTEN FREE but I didn’t take any chances and ignored them, picking at the potatoes before falling back to sleep.

A hot Business breakfast


Whilst I appreciate the efforts and lengths Airlines go to in providing a GLUTEN FREE meal, it is a shame that the “taste element” of these dishes do not meet my expectations. But I am grateful that I am able to travel long-haul without too much worry about the food onboard.


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