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Restaurant Review: Ed’s Diner Soho & Piccadilly, London

Seen on Facebook, Ed’s Diner had been the first major burger chain to be accredited by Coeliac UK with a suitable Gluten Free menu. It offers around 85% of its regular menu so you can get a GLUTEN FREE bun (for burgers and hot dogs) alongside many of their exciting offerings.

One of the hard-hitting posters from Coeliac UK for Awareness Week.

One of the hard-hitting posters from Coeliac UK for Awareness Week.

From their own website, they state… “The gluten-free menu is now available across all of our Diners, offering approximately 85% of the same dishes as on the regular menu. Ed’s will serve the menu from breakfast to dinner, with gluten-free buns for burgers and hot dogs, both served with the option of fries as well as a selection of malt-free milkshakes and three gluten-free desserts. Ed’s have an official Gluten Free accreditation from Coeliac UK for their new gluten-free menu. Coeliac UK is the national charity for coeliac disease in the UK, with over 60,000 members. See for more information.”

Click here to download Gluten Free Menu

The new GF menu.

My first GF Experience: Soho, London

This small restaurant is like stepping back in time. It feels and looks like an American diner with the shiny chrome decor, distinctive red counter tops with stylish bar stools and the jukebox selections along the circular bar surrounding the kitchen /cooking area. It is quite small, but an excellent location for a quick GLUTEN FREE bite to eat when you’re alone, as you take a seat at the “bar” and join in the eating frenzy.

The Gluten Free Menu reflects the contents of the regular menu and there is no further discussions and clarity points required when ordering: its that simple!

My GF bunned Hot Dog with American melted Cheese and crunchy Bacon.

Great Cheesy Fries.

So what’s it taste like: Well, I loved the cheesy fries. I was nervous that there was only going to be cheese on the top, but this has melted into the bowl and there was plenty of cheesy yummyness all through the bowl of chips. The hot dog was good although as is typical with Gluten Free bread, it was not a consistent bake with one end being soft and the other being a little harder. The American Cheese was dribbling through the hot dog and onto the plate. The bacon could have done with a few more minutes to make it crunchy and crisp but a great GLUTEN FREE lunch.

 My Second GF Experience: Piccadilly, London.

This Ed’s Diner is a larger restaurant, located just off Piccadilly Circus and around the corner from Leicester Square in Central London. You are met at the door and seated in either booths, the table counter or regular tables, with similar decor to the Soho Diner with lots of juke boxes, chrome details and electric red tabletops. The staff were friendly and offered the Gluten Free Menu upon arrival.

My Pulled Pork topped GF Hot Dog with Cheese Bacon Chips.

Following on from my experience of the GF bread, I decided against choosing a burger (as I calculated that there would be more bread than with a hot dog) and so opted for the Pulled Pork hot dog. This was an indulgent treat as the pulled pork was deliciously salty and rich, topped with further BBQ sauce. As I didn’t have any bacon on my hot dog, I choose the cheese and bacon fries which were divine. Again, they are generous with the melted cheese sauce so that every chip is covered in the runny sauce.

The accreditation from Coeliac UK gives me some reassurance that Ed’s Diner and other restaurants in question have worked with the Charity and will provide a GLUTEN FREE meal with the right level of care and attention to minimize cross-contamination. But as it is still in it’s early days, I hope to see more of this symbol out and about, and by supporting those establishments who have obtained the accreditation, then it will hopefully encourage others to consider working towards it.

Other restaurants close by and chains in the West End and surrounding London areas reviewed on my blog include Canteen, Giraffe, GBK, Pizza Express (including GLUTEN FREE pizza ).

Is it Coeliac Disease? leaflet with Yours Truely!

Is it Coeliac Disease? leaflet with Yours Truely!


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