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Launching “Is it Coeliac Disease?” posters in London….

It was exciting to be invited to the “official” launch of the new “Is it Coeliac Disease?” campaign as I am the “face” of the Charity, well one of the four faces in the current campaign (although the only one featured on the leaflet). Nice to meet Caroline Quentin, the current Coeliac Queen who after only a recent diagnosis, whom has become the Celebrity Patron of the charity. She has made several high profiled appearances including This Morning, talking positively and reassuringly about Coeliac Disease.

It was strange to encounter a large banner of myself as well as seeing the volunteers handing out leaflets with my mug on the front of it! Not sure I like the picture but it’s for “charity” and definitely “a good cause” although a little alarmed that this campaign is planned to run for the next two years! So in 2017, will I still be the “face” of Coeliac Disease?

Listening to Caroline Quentin (as shared on Facebook).

The leaflet which I feature on…

Is it Coeliac Disease? leaflet with Yours Truely!

And in the “Crossed Grain” Coeliac UK Summer 2015 Magazine….

The leaflet and the Coeliac UK Summer Magazine cover.

Inside the Summer Coeliac UK Magazine.

Inside the Summer Coeliac UK Magazine.

And separately, I also feature in the Advert for “Is it Coeliac Disease?” which I know some friends have seen on TV. It is also running online (YouTube and Spotify) as well as on Facebook.

My four seconds in the Coeliac UK Advert which has been shown on TV, Website and On-line.


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