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Eating Gluten Free in NYC: @Magnolia Bakery, Bloom’s Deli, Pappardella, Cantine Parisienne, Ruby Foos and BareBurger…

Love New York city and it’s Gluten Free offerings. A selection from my previous visits include Applebees, Bareburger, S’MAC, Buffalo Wild Wings, Reef Restaurant, Vanilla Sky and Uno Chicago Grill. so seemed logically to update you on my latest GLUTEN FREE selections at the Big Apple…

Magnolia Bakery:
A classic NYC venue which featured in Sex and the City as Carrie’s favorite Cup Cake bakery. Not an extensive selection for the GLUTEN FREE customer but a flourless brownie which was topped with buttercream was a treat.

Flourless GF Brownie Cupcake.

A light soft chocolaty brownie which was lush with the buttercream topping. I think it could have been a little dry if it didn’t have the topping!

Bloom’s Deli, NYC. 

Located on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 40th Street, a few street south of Grand Central Station, this Manhattan based Deli offers an exciting GLUTEN FREE Menu on their website. It is an extensive selection using GLUTEN FREE bun or toast replacing regular menu items.

Bloom Deli Gluten Free Lunch…

I choose the Grilled Cheese Sandwich “Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Gluten Free) with ham” It came with a bowl of coleslaw and another bowl of gherkins. It was a safe options in the big city but I was a little disappointed that my sandwich didn’t compare to many of the other dishes at this diner. The size of the regular sandwiches were amazing and I felt a little short-changed in comparison. 

Pappardella, Upper East Side NYC.

Found through a search on Google, this small local restaurant offered a selection of GLUTEN FREE options on their menu and had received several excellent write-ups. Upon arrival, they advised that they could get us a table, but there would be a wait of around 30 minutes. Being, Thursday evening in Manhattan, we choose to go for a walk and left our mobile number to confirm when the table was ready. After 25 minutes, I missed a call, (from a NYC No) and returned to be seated at the restaurant. It was a busy local restaurant with a great atmosphere.

GLUTEN FREE Garlic Bread and GLUTEN FREE Pasta at Pappardella NYC.

A completely separate Menu covers their selection of GLUTEN FREE items, which was very extensive. For the first time, in forever, I decided to start with Garlic Bread. I wasn’t sure whether, being a traditional restaurant, it would be a slice of flat bread or, as it was, a selection of rolls with a strong garlic butter. I wasn’t disappointed as the rolls were soft, airy and light with a delicious garlic butter filling and a spicy tomato salsa: (too spicy for me!).

My main course, I opted for their GLUTEN FREE pasta in a “funghi and tartufo” sauce. It was divine. The corn-based pasta had a good shape and consistency with the smooth creamy mushroom sauce. It was a generous portion and very tasty.

A great GLUTEN FREE Italian selection and they even had seven GLUTEN FREE options for dessert including a flour less cake (not that I chose one as I was full already!).


After spending a few hours on a tour of the Tenement Museum, on the Lower East Side, we were ready for lunch and stumbled upon this place, wandering past Little Italy and the edge of Chinatown. It looked welcoming with trendy seating outside and inside, and luckily they had a spare table!

Salad at Cantine.

Whilst they didn’t have a separate GLUTEN FREE Menu, they had marked up which dishes I could enjoy and helpfully, most of the ingredients were listed out.  I chose the Parisienne Salad (Ham, cheese, artichoke, romaine lettuce, egg, tomato, avocado, bacon, heart of palm) without the avocado and I should have requested the removal of the egg but I could manage to eat around that.

It was a traditional salad lined up neatly and generous and of course very filling. A Good GLUTEN FREE option.

Ruby Foos, Times Square, NYC.

Ruby Foos

A big mainstream restaurant, located just north of Times Square in the “centre of the world”.

On the Menu, they clearly indicate which dishes are GLUTEN FREE and we found the waiting staff very helpful in confirming what I could eat. I opted for the GLUTEN FREE Pad Thai which was great. A well flavored dish although they could have presented it better with some more “style” as it felt it had just landed on the plate. Good speed although we noted the pre-theatre crowd clears out when the Broadway shows are starting and it becomes calmer as a restaurant.

GLUTEN FREE Pad Thai at Ruby Foos.

And finally, on my NYC Trip, I popped into BareBurger for a GLUTEN FREE treat. I have enjoyed on a previously visit, and knew what to expect…

Bareburger, Forrest Hills, NYC

Of course, we had to wait for a table, but it was worthwhile as they have such a straight-forward menu which outlines the choices you can make to ensure a GLUTEN FREE meal.


It is a little odd as we received our shared fries quite quickly and then had to wait some ten minutes before our burgers arrived. It kept us eating and enjoying the restaurant but probably would want it brought at the same time. My burger this time was beef, American Cheese, dill pickles, mayonnaise and duck bacon in a GLUTEN FREE bun. The bread is quite tough and chewy but keeps it’s shape and body whilst you devour the burger.

My GLUTEN FREE BareBurger Burger.

So a good selection of GLUTEN FREE options which I tried and tasted whilst on my latest “vacation” to the Big Apple.


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