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Restaurant Review: Honest Burger, Camden Town, London… GLUTEN FREE Onion Rings, Chips & Burgers…

From previous visits, to Honest Burger, I have enjoyed a “Honest” burger and reviewed it on my blog. As an establishment, it hasn’t really changed. The Menu is still a chalk-board on the wall, the seating is still comfortable enough for a quick lunch and the strange crowd of people are just the locals of Camden Town.

Amazing GLUTEN FREE Onions rings (covered in mayo).

For a change, I went for GLUTEN FREE Onion Rings as well as the burger with fries. Strange, as the Onion Rings arrived ages before the burgers and the fries so they ended up being a “starter”. Indeed, the crunchy batter on the onion was very crunchy and delicious. It’s been ages since I had a fresh and tasty GLUTEN FREE onion Rings.

My GLUTEN FREE Burger with fries. Delicious!

I went for the “Honest” burger again and loved it. They served it in a GLUTEN FREE bun and it is a good roll which stays together despite the generous burger and filling they stuff in. The chips are traditional chips, with crunchy bits and melt-in-the-mouth softness so delicious.

Good to see Honest Burger expanding with outlets in Brixton, Soho, Camden, Portobello, Kings Cross, Oxford Circus, Tooting, Liverpool St and Clapham across London.


18 comments on “Restaurant Review: Honest Burger, Camden Town, London… GLUTEN FREE Onion Rings, Chips & Burgers…

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