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A refreshing GLUTEN FREE Afternoon Tea at Fortnums & Masons, Piccadilly, London…

A quintessential British treat…

Afternoon Tea is a British Institution: with high expectations of rich decadent cakes, warm soft fruity scones, gourmet sandwiches and of course plenty of tea. Fortnum & Mason are probably one of the most famous providers of this treat so for a special occasion, I booked a table at the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon knowing I wanted the GLUTEN INTOLERANT AFTERNOON TEA.

A beautiful table setting.

Located at the top of the Piccadilly store, you are greeted by a pianist and a host, who took us to our beautifully laid out table. As per my booking, they brought me  Gluten Intolerant Menu so I was reassured they had managed my booking. There are plenty of tables in the Salon, spread across two rooms with a further private dinning room for more intimate gatherings. The stylist decor is like stepping back in history as it belongs in a different age with plenty of staff milling around and attentively serving the customers.

My Gluten intolerant Afternoon Tea Menu.

Each course can and will be replenished upon request, so I did greedily have two plates of GF Sandwiches. This was purely for research purposes so that I could thoroughly test the GF bread. I was impressed with the softness and bounciness of the brown bread. I noted that the regular Afternoon Tea had a mix of breads (with and without seeds, brown as well as white bread) whereas the GF option sandwiches are all made with the same granary style GF bread.

GF Sandwiches (round 1)

GF Sandwiches (round 2) with the Egg Sandwich already eaten!

The fillings were beautiful, just enough filling to give you a good mouthful, but as you can see, they are dainty and fairly small:

  • Smoked Salmon with watercress mayonnaise: a smoky smoked salmon with a light mayonnaise.
  • Coronation Chicken: with a good flavour of curry and moist chicken.
  • Cucumber with Mint and Cream Cheese: A strange sandwich as it lacks meat or substance but is refreshing with the cucumber.
  • Tuna Mayonnaise: which was a little dry
  • Egg (rare breed Hen Egg with chopped chive): which was good and tasty. Actually couldn’t remember the last time I ate egg and really enjoyed it.

Warm and fruity Scone. (you are served two but this is not limited to only two!)

Interestingly on the regular Afternoon Tea, the scones are served: one plain and one fruity whereas the Gluten Intolerant Afternoon Tea provides two fruity scones which were larger than their regular cousins.

Eaten the “Cornwall” way (with jam first and clotted cream on top!).

Do you enjoy your scones the Cornwall way? (With jam spread on first before topping with clotted cream).


Do you enjoy your scones the Devon way? (with clotted cream spread first then the jam on top!)

Tea (one of selection of 82 different teas).

Amazing that the Tea comes in its own Menu; a selection of 82 different teas. I am a big Twinings fan and love my fresh mint and fruity teas so I tried a Black Tea flavoured with Strawberry. It was lovely, fresh and heavy with the light aroma of strawberries. My second tea, as you are able to change your teas was a Peppermint F&M Blend. It was amazingly strong with the menthol flavours, a really strong fresh minty tea.

Sweet little cakes

I have to confess I was rather full after my two rounds of sandwiches, large fruity scones and so decided to take home my little cakes.

Special cakes..

  • Strawberry Almond Cake: Soft and sweet
  • Rose Scented Macaroon: Light and sweet with only a hint of floweriness.
  • Lime, Coconut & Raspberry Tart: Lovely and sweet.
  • Berry Almond Loaf: Light and moreish.

A beautiful British Tradition.

Also on my blog is a review of the Pantry @108 Marylebone Lane.


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