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Tasting GLUTEN FREE Burgers & Hot Dogs at Ed’s Diner (London: Soho & Piccadilly and Swindon)…

Ed’s Diner is one of several major chains to be accredited by Coeliac UK. You can go with confidence in knowing they’ve been trained, assessed and should know what they doing with regards to a GLUTEN FREE Meal. It’s been a while but in the last few months, I have been with various friends and family to three different branches of Ed’s Diner. (It’s a great choice for kids of all ages and even for the fussiest of eaters as they have a great selection of which most, is available GLUTEN FREE!)

With a GLUTEN FREE Menu, available in all of the locations, which has some 85% of their regular menu up for grabs!

LONDON PICCADILLY: Located in the heart of London, just a short walk from Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. This is one of the larger Diners in central London with lots of seating. They meet you at the door and we were lucky enough to get a booth despite being a very busy weekday evening. As it’s freshly made, the service is always pretty quick although on this ocassion, the waiter didn’t write anything down and got my order wrong (and served it on a regular bun). Of course, it was sent back, but correctly made and quickly replaced!

Pulled Pork topped GF Hot Dog at Ed's Diner

Pulled Pork topped GF Hot Dog at Ed’s Diner

Not really one for Hot Dogs, but this was a great choice. It is described as “DE-LUXED PULLED PORK DOG: Smothered with BBQ pulled pork” and is topped with Barbeque Pulled Pork which has a rich thick sweet sauce and the GF Bread Bun was alright. It held it’s shape together and of course, maintained the excessive filling on top of the Hot Dog Sausage. A great treat for a change but I’m definitely a Burger Man!

LONDON SOHO: Located on a corner of Old Compton Street with a traditional wrap-around bar and a handful of booths, this feels and looks like a real slice of American in the heart of London. It does get really busy but as long as you don’t mind sitting next  to fellow diners, it’s a quick turnaround to enjoy “fast” food. Here, I did go for the “BIG BUBBA’S BACON N CHEESE: Everything in ‘The Original’ plus sweet-cured bacon and American cheese” and it’s like having a good substantial burger. Interestingly, they serve it up in the Soho branch in a paper bag, so that you’re able to eat it with your hands, without getting too messy!

Big Bubbas GF Burger at Ed's Diner Soho.

Big Bubbas GF Burger at Ed’s Diner Soho.

Cheesey Bacon Fries (GF!)

Cheesey Bacon Fries (GF!)

The GF Bread Bun comes topped with sesame seeds (so if you have an allergy to these: you might ask if they have plain ones!) and a “special sauce” which is different to how they served it in Swindon! It is a little heavy as a bread roll and actually found myself (with my rather larger filling fries smothered in runny cheesy sauce and bacon) leaving half the bread but at least they’re trying. I note they offer “skinny” options (i.e. without the bread roll!) but I think burgers ought to be served in a roll that you can handle!

Note: The fountain drinks are refillable so you can enjoy lots of refreshment!

SWINDON: Located inside the Outlet Village, now one of many mainstream restaurants in the Swindon Complex, this feels like a quite retreat from the Christmas Shoppers and the shopping centre. I really like the way the “BIG BUBBA’S BACON N CHEESE: Everything in ‘The Original’ plus sweet-cured bacon and American cheese” was presented: opened up without any sauce, and clearly on my special GF burger bun. It was plated up so that I could see it was “special” and maybe because I’m a little fussy: I really liked having the separate tomato and lettuce (as they didnt make it into my burger!).

Better Burger presentation at Ed's Diner Swindon

Better Burger presentation at Ed’s Diner Swindon

Here, I opted for just cheesy fries, and this is also GF. It is a runny cheesy sauce which covers the fries and just makes the dish so much easier to eat! Another great meal which was GLUTEN FREE.

Other Burgers reviewed on my blog include Honest Burgers (in the UK) as well as BareBurger (in the USA).  And for other accredited Restaurants by Coeliac UK: Click Here. including Carluccios, La Tasca and Pizza Express.


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