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Fancy French Food: Part Une: Eating a GLUTEN FREE FRENCH Dinner @Mill Lane Bistro, West Hampstead, London…

Bonjour” to French Food: Part “Une

Mill Lane Bistro, West Hampstead, London.

Mill Lane Bistro, West Hampstead, London.

I love trying new restaurants and finding new GLUTEN FREE fancy French options was tres bon. From the Mill Lane Bistro’s website, they state “Cyril, a French ex-manager of some of the best places between Paris and London such as “Hotel de Crillon”, “La Tour d’Argent”, “Tom Aikens” or “Scott’s” in Mayfair… [and aims]… to bring Michelin star’s food to a relax Bistro style served food at affordable price.” With some good friends, a dinner at Mill Lane Bistro was a delightful change. Located on Mill Lane, it is a very intimate restaurant with friendly staff and smallish tables with some lush velvet curtains providing privacy and dividing some of the space. The French Menu is populated with plenty of allergen information: although they note:


Menu with detailed Allergies Information by every dish.

There is enough “French” to make it exotic and genuine with plenty of English listing the ingredients so that you actually know what you’re ordering, and an extensive wine selection.  So what was on the Menu for “Entrees”:

Menu (with Allergies indicated by letters by every dish).

Menu for “Entrees”(with Allergies indicated by letters by every dish).

And Mains or “Plats Principaux“:

Main Courses:

Main Courses (or “Plats Principaux”).

I was a little worried, whilst reading the Menu, as it seemed most dishes contain G GLUTEN but our waitress was really helpful. She had an excellent knowledge of each dish and could add or amend a dish so that I could enjoy it (without the GLUTEN).

GF French Starter: Saumon marine a la Betterave

GF French Starter or Entree.

The Saumon marine a la Betterave, Celeri-rave, Radis Rouge and Caviar du Saumon was beautiful and melted in my mouth. In order to make it GF, I didnt have the Creme Fraiche au Raifort but it was a delightfully sweet and fresh starter and rather tasty. The sharpness of the radish was a lovely contrast to the salmon. And for my Plats Principaux:

GF Main Course or Plats Principaux

GF Main Course or Plats Principaux

I went for the Supreme de Poulet grille, ali confit, Champignons, Chou D’Hiver, Puree de Pommes de Terre which was really tasty. This was a Main course which didnt need any modifications and was really filling with beautifully earthy mushrooms topping a large well cooked breast of chicken. The Mash was lovely and creamy and it was a refreshing hint of Garlic as well as the required greens (in the shape of lightly cooked Kale). Whilst it took a while, I did finish my plate! And the leisurely evening was finished with a dessert:

my GF Creme Brulee

my GF Creme Brulee

Now, I love my Chocolate (including Gluten Free Chocolate Bars (UK), as well as recent Christmas Gluten Free Chocolate Boxes & Selection Boxes and Gluten Free Chocolate Coins, Chocolate Santas and Chocolate Figurines) and clearly have a sweet tooth, so I choose the Creme Brulee which was huge. Actually, fellow guests had a small selection of desserts which was probably the “right” size” as this was a huge dish! It had a great crisp topping of sugar and the perhaps was too much after a great meal, but I managed to eat most of it!

So a great find in North London for GLUTEN FREE Fancy French Food.

Other French Restaurants reviewed on my blog include Cantine Parisienne (NYC, USA) and Rouge (Philadelphia, USA) and Cote, London (COMING SOON).


2 comments on “Fancy French Food: Part Une: Eating a GLUTEN FREE FRENCH Dinner @Mill Lane Bistro, West Hampstead, London…

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  2. Art
    January 31, 2018

    I love trying new restaurants too. There’s always something great to discover. That’s how I found Mimos in London. Another one I’ve recently visited is They have a pretty cool French cuisine


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