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MARS Chocolate Recall: Not only avoiding GLUTEN but avoiding “plastic” in your GLUTEN FREE Snickers (Miniature) Chocolate Bar…

As you may have seen in the News, Mars have issued a voluntary recall for selected Chocolate Bars in 55 countries around the world. This is because of rogue “plastic” found in one of their products. This has been traced back to the Mars Factory in Veghel (The Netherlands) and affects the following GLUTEN FREE product:

  • Snickers Miniature (2.5kg catering case, best before date 7/8/16 – 14/8/16)

According to the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA)  “Mars has just confirmed to the FSA that there has been UK distribution of products recalled in the Netherlands and Germany. We are awaiting full distribution details from the company and will publish advice shortly.”

Other Mars products which are affected by the recall include some Chocolate Bars (with GLUTEN):

  • Mars Fun Size (250g bag, best before date 11/9/16 – 2/10/16)
  • Milky Way Funsize (227g bag, best before date 2/10/16)
  • Variety Funsize (Family Favourites and Party Mix, best before date 29/5/16 – 14/8/16)
  • Celebrations (388g and 245g boxes, best before date 8/5/16 – 28/8/16)

So no longer do you have to just read the Ingredients to check the contents, you now need to check the best before dates on Snickers to stay safe!

Of course, lots of other GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Bars are out there, and plenty of GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Boxes to be enjoyed!

(Further updates can be obtain from BBC News or ITV News or from Mars direct (when their website allows further traffic!).



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