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Travelling GLUTEN FREE in NYC, USA [for twenty-four hours]: S’MAC, Brazil-Brazil, Starbucks and Magnolia Bakery

Passing through NYC for around 24-hours, I managed to revisit some old favourite GLUTEN FREE Restaurants as well as try NEW GLUTEN FREE foods since my last trip back in November 2015.

S’MAC: (shortened for Sarita’s Macaroni & Cheese) is a regular for me when I visit NYC. I think there’s something quite quintessentially American in eating Mac’n’ Cheese but as a Coeliac, it never tastes quite the same until I found S’MAC. On my blog I’ve reviewed the Mediterranean Mac’n’Cheese so on this visit (for Brunch, yes a late morning Brunch!) I went for the Alpine. This is “A Swiss Mac that keeps you coming back for more. Gruyere coupled with its partner in crime, slab bacon. Hard to resist!served with GF breadcrumbs!

GF Mac'n'Cheese at S'MAC

GF Mac’n’Cheese at S’MAC

I was more realistic on this visit and choose the small “Nosh” sized portion which is a plentiful-sized Brunch which filled me up. Also, it was interesting to note that they’ve changed their serving and cooking pots (as they used to use proper skillets which were red-hot) and now they use disposable dishes which I am sure purists would object to! The combination of Swiss Gruyere cheese with the salty bacon is a tasty balance so a great GLUTEN FREE Brunch!

STARBUCKS: With Starbucks (it appears) on every corner of NYC, and in many countries around the world, it can be relied upon for a GF stop. Indeed, the UK Starbucks have great GF sandwiches and offer GF Brownies (which upon request, they will provide a separately wrapped portion rather than the ones sitting next to regular cakes in the glass covered counters), so couldn’t resist the Marshmallow Snack which proudly shouted GLUTEN FREE on  the packaging.

GF Snacking at Starbucks

GF Snacking at Starbucks

These are really chewy and have a stringiness with the soft melted marshmallow “glue”. Of course, a major cereal brand make a similar product but unfortunately, these are made with malt-flavoured rice crispies and so are not GLUTEN FREE but this was a super gap-filler, whilst on-the-go. And with just a few hours in NYC, we had to see a Broadway Show: It’s one of the reasons for a stop-over in NYC so picking up tickets, a quick Dinner was required…

BRAZIL- BRAZIL Restaurant: Having a wander from Times Square, we found this Brazilian inspired Steak House and after my experience in the “real” Brazil, I was fairly confident that they would be able to feed me without making me ill (especially as I knew I was to sit down in a Theater for several hours!)

Brazil Brazil Restaurant in NYC

Brazil Brazil Restaurant in NYC

Strangely, they have staff outside, sharing the Menu and encouraging Diners to patronize the restaurant which is interesting as I have to confess, we often avoid these hawkers. But on this occasion, they confirmed they could make many of the dishes GLUTEN FREE and the staff member started to explain how they would prevent cross-contamination which was very reassuring.

Looking at the Menu, there was no separate GLUTEN FREE section but my Waiter was quick to check with the Chef, what I could have and made several suggestions. I ordered the Peixe Nantua “Sautéed shrimps, chunks of fish and mushrooms in a light tomato cream sauce, topped with melted mozzarella, rice & beans” and it didn’t disappoint.

My GF Peixe Nantua at Brazil Brazil

My GF Peixe Nantua at Brazil Brazil

The sauce was delicious and whilst there were several shrimps and pieces of white fish, the sauce was really the main draw for me. It was nice to have the wetness of the sauce with the beans and the rice (so traditionally Brazilian) although having spent several weeks travelling Brazil, I’m not sure they would have really had melted mozzarella in a sauce (and clearly this is an Americanised Brazilian flavour). Indeed, Brazilians would probably be offended by the selection but it was a filling GLUTEN FREE dinner.

MAGNOLIA BAKERY: So a late-night snack, enroute to the hotel was required:(which I blame on jet-lag!), we popped into the Magnolia Bakery, made famous in the TV Series “Sex in the City” and in the film “The Devil wears Prada“. On a previous visit, I know they have a GLUTEN FREE Brownie so I knew I would have something.

Magnolia Bakery NYC

Magnolia Bakery NYC

To see a photograph of the GF Flourless Brownie cake (see my previous review) as on this occasion, I didn’t take a photograph and almost devoured this before it had been packed in it’s own separate box as it was (again) covered with a delicious buttercream topping. I was a little disappointed that a wider GF range hasn’t been made but then, even though it was nearly mid-night, there was still a queue of people waiting to enjoy Cupcakes and slices of GLUTEN-filled cake!

So even in just twenty-four hours, you can have a Gorgeous GLUTEN FREE Day and eat very very well!

On Previous visits, I have eaten GLUTEN FREE at:

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November 2014

November 2014 Trip

Covering: S’Mac, Applebees, BareBurger, Buffalo Wild Wings, Reef Restaurant, Vanilla Sky and Uno Chicago Grill. 

Other destinations reviewed on my blog includes the USA ( NYC, Boston and Philadelphia), Brazil, Singapore,Malaysia, Thailand, UAE and London!

COMING SOON: GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Easter Eggs for 2016/ Travelling GLUTEN FREE @DisneyWorld & @Universal Studios / Travelling GLUTEN FREE on Disney Cruise Line

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