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Travelling GLUTEN FREE @Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom & Disney Studios Park…

Disney's Magical GLUTEN FREE Magic Kingdom & Disney Studio Park

Disney’s Magical GLUTEN FREE Magic Kingdom & Disney Studio Park

MAGIC KINGDOM:  As we had only limited time at the Magic Kingdom, we were there when the Park opened to experience some of the rides, indeed, it’s always good to be their ahead of Opening, as even though  there is a crowd heading into the Park, they disburse very quickly and you can hop across to several major attractions and rides before it’s starts to get busy. After a Dole Whip (GLUTEN FREE of course!), as my Breakfast / light snack, it was time to head to more rides and attractions.



But by mid-morning it was time for a Brunch and something more substantial:

Brunch at the Magic Kingdom: Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

Brunch at the Magic Kingdom: Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

In Tomorrowland, the Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe offer an Allergy Menu. It is quite an extensive selection which reflects the different meals on offer:

Allergen Menu at Cosmic Rays @Magic Kingdom

Allergen Menu at Cosmic Rays @Magic Kingdom

And for two of us, we opted to share a 1/2 Rotisserie Chicken, served with a choice of French Fries and a side of Green Beans. It was interesting that they stamped our receipt with “ALLERGY” in big bold red letters and it meant that all the dishes would be separately prepared and brought over to us. Waiting for our food, the Servers kept returning to apologize for our wait but they were very attentive. Maybe, we waited ten minutes for the food but it was worth the wait…



The Chicken was well flavoured and fell off the bones easily, and the separately cooked fries were crunchy and red-hot. The Beans were drizzled in oil, (which was un-necessary) but still a good meal, with plenty for two people. A good GLUTEN FREE Brunch (or indeed, Lunch if you would choose) but we had already made an Advanced Reservation for our main lunch:

At Be Our Guest!

At Be Our Guest!

As a new eatery, well new for us since we last visited the Magic Kingdom, it was one location I really wanted to try. I had already completed extensive research and knew that they offered a great GLUTEN FREE Menu. Waiting to enter Beast’s Castle they hand out regular Menus and advised that on the electronic screens (when we order) they would be able to show me the GLUTEN FREE options. It was a very quick process with us wandering in and they opened up a new till so we had no wait at all. I choose the GLUTEN FREE Turkey Sandwich and they were good in repeating back my GLUTEN allergy. Once you’ve ordered, they hand you a “Rose” and this you place on your table so that they can find you in the three different rooms you can eat in: The Ballroom, with a beautiful snowing window scene and grand chandellliers, The West Wing, where they have an electronic bleeding rose and slashed decoration in nod to the film and The Rose Gallery complete with revolving Music Box with Belle and Beast atop. We choose the Rose Gallery and moments later, trolleys appears with “regular” food. Mine, being GLUTEN FREE, was walked in on it’s own Tray and covered by a silver shield, to protect it as it made it to our table.

My GLUTEN FREE Lunch at Be Our Guest!

My GLUTEN FREE Lunch at Be Our Guest!

It was a very meaty sandwich with several slabs of Turkey on GLUTEN FREE bread, filled with lettuce and a mustard /mayonnaise sauce. A generous portion of French Fries was served and I enjoyed the a great GLUTEN FREE Lunch.

I could have tried the “Grey stuff” Made famous in the cartoon by Lumiere who tells Belle “Try the Grey Stuff: it’s delicious. Don’t believe me: ask  the dishes!” and it is available in and on and Cupcake as well as part of a GLUTEN FREE Puff but not being one for desserts, I may have tried a little bit from someone else Cupcake.

The Grey Stuff!

The Grey Stuff!

It was very sweet and strange but that might have been the colour: a grey moose of sorts. But later on I was a little peckish so GLUTEN FREE DAIRY FREE Ice Cream from Casey’s Corner was enjoyed:

GLUTEN FREE & DAIRY FREE SOYA Ice Cream from Casey's Corner, Main Street.

GLUTEN FREE & DAIRY FREE SOYA Ice Cream from Casey’s Corner, Main Street.

This was interesting Ice Cream as it was made with SOYA Milk and had a slight hint of Vanilla. It was a huge portion: one I didnt finish, partly because it wasn’t boiling hot but rather warm outside: so eating ice Cream was a cooling but also because it just became dull. I do have some MILK products and perhaps should have enjoyed a GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Mickey Ice cream Bar instead.

After a fun-packed day at the Magic Kingdom, we had made an Advanced Reservation at The California Grill: primarily to watch the “Wishes” fireworks from a new viewing point as well as try their Allergen Menu. Based inside the Contemporary Resort, via the Monorail, this Restaurant has great expansive views across to the Magic Kingdom and despite arriving two-hours before our reservation, we only sat down briefly in the bar before our table was ready.

Dinner at The California Grill @Contemporary Resort

Dinner at The California Grill @Contemporary Resort

We had to order quickly as Wishes was starting but they have two outside decks from which to see this spectacular show, and they pipe across the Music so you have a full sensory experience before returning back into the dinning room to continue with dinner.

My Allergen Menu @California Grill.

My Allergen Menu @California Grill.

Whilst not as extensive as the regular Menu, there is a lot of choice on the Allergy Friendly Menu. I wasn’t hungry, having spent a lot of the day enjoying other Disney food, so I requested (from the Children’s Menu) the rather plain Chicken breast with Sweet Potato Mash and Vegetables. The Waitress was keen to suggest that I could have an adult portion of the kids meal, with two chicken breasts but I insisted that I was sure it would be an adequate portion. She checked with the Chef and advised that they would serve me the kiddie meal. My GLUTEN FREE  bread roll was brought out and it was warmed but quite hard. Shame that I got one roll rather than the regular bread basket which had a selection of different breads but at least it was GLUTEN FREE.

My GF Kids Meal.

My GF Kids Meal.

The Chicken was a good portion, moist and it sat atop Sweet Potato Mash and a few green beans, and whilst it did look small, I managed to eat it all and not feel hungry afterwards. A good simple GLUTEN FREE meal. Another Magical Meal.

DISNEY STUDIOS: Another day, and another Disney Park and after rushing around in the morning to experience “Sing-a-long Frozen” as well as the Star Wars attractions: Launch Bay meeting Chewbacca and the Dark Lord himself: Darth Vader, and flying through the Galaxy on Star Tours, our Advance Reservation for Lunch was ready. We headed into the Sci-Fi Dine-In just as the heavens opened so joined the busy queue of people awaiting tables and keeping dry!

Sc-Fi Diner at Disney Studios

Sci-Fi Dine-In at Disney Studios

The restaurant is based upon an old-fashioned drive-through, seated in mock-cars with a big screen to watch films. The lighting is terrible for reading the menu but the torch on the phone was useful as I could at least see what choice I had. Again, I was presented with my special Allergy Friendly Menu and found that it reflected the regular menu with a great selection of dishes. I opted for the “House-smoked St Louis style Pork Ribs: lightly brushed with Barbecue Sauce served with baked beans and french fries.” This was a good meal as the portion was huge: although it was hard to see how messy I ate (which might be a good thing!).



A decent hunk of meat with a salty and smoky BBQ sauce, a decent portion of BBQ beans and a few fries (which seemed a little small) but there was plenty to eat! A great GLUTEN FREE Meal and they were generous with their wet-wipes and napkins, as ribs are not an easy dish to eat, more so, if you’re sitting in semi-darkness. I guess they would say it’s atmospheric but I would have appreciated a bit better light!

So there are excellent GLUTEN FREE options to enjoy at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and Disney Studios Parks (before I headed onto Disney Cruise Line’s Fantasy Ship for a Disney Cruise).

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If you are a member of Coeliac UK, they produce a comprehensive directory which covers over 16,000 food and drink items (including GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Bars). This is available in a paper-based Manual and online FREE to members of Coeliac UK. They have also published an Easter listing (although it is not as visually EGG-citing as Part 1: Chocolatier & Chocolate Manufacturers, or Part 2: High Street Supermarket Chocolate Easter Postings).

One of the hard-hitting posters from Coeliac UK for Awareness Week.

One of the hard-hitting posters from Coeliac UK for Awareness Week.

One of the hard-hitting posters (featuring Yours Truly) from Coeliac UK launched for Awareness Week in 2015 and to be seen later in 2016.

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This information was correct as at publishing in April 2016.




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