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Tasting GLUTEN FREE (“Gluten Vrij”) McDonald’s Quarter-Pounder Burger in the Netherlands…

After seeing that McDonalds in some Continental countries offer GLUTEN FREE bread rolls (and therefore GLUTEN FREE Burgers) it was exciting on a recent trip to The Netherlands to try it out. Of course, not all branches of McDonald’s stock the GLUTEN FREE options…

Signage in Dutch McDonalds

Signage in Dutch McDonalds

… But after trialing this new scheme in 2015 in five branches, McDonald’s have extended this to over 50 stores in The Netherlands. They offer GLUTEN FREE Hamburger, GLUTEN FREE Cheeseburger and a GLUTEN FREE Quarter Pounder which have been certified Gluten Free by the Dutch Coeliac Association. As I found out, they make them to order, adhering to strict cross-contamination controls so you have to be prepared for a five-six minute wait whilst they prepare the GLUTEN FREE burger. The branches that offer them have a crossed grain logo saying “Lekker Glutenvrij” on a sticker at the entrance and they can also be ordered in the Easy Order Kiosks.

On their website they state: “McDonald’s is for everyone. For guests who want or need to eat gluten free. From June 2015 McDonald’s offers the classic Hamburger, Cheeseburger and the Quarter Pounder with gluten. All citizens are certified gluten free by the Hospitality Alliance Certificate. The bread bears the Euro Crossed Grain Logo. The beef patties and other ingredients contain no gluten. So, if you want or need to eat gluten free, can enjoy this delicious three civilians. The gluten free citizens are not available at all McDonald’s restaurants. Look left to “find a restaurant for a restaurant in your area.” 

My GLUTEN FREE Quarter Pounder.

My GLUTEN FREE Quarter Pounder.

So was it as good as I remember: Well, I think I was excited that I was able to have a GLUTEN FREE burger without any major hassle or drama, and indeed, it did taste like I remembered with the usual mix of gherkin, mustard, tomato sauce, cheese on the meat patty and surprisingly the bread roll was actually quite good. It looks like the McDonald’s version with sesame seeds on top and really held together without being too tight or heavy.

I guess the joy of having a GLUTEN FREE McDonalds was the convenience and accessibility, given that it isn’t a gourmet meal and is just a burger, but it was great to enjoy a GLUTEN FREE option.

Such a shame that this is not available in the UK. Indeed, on the McDonald’s website they do list out their GLUTEN FREE products stating “several items on our menu are free from ingredients containing gluten. However, we cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur. Items on our menu that are free from ingredients containing gluten include:

  • French Fries (which are cooked in dedicated fryers using a non-hydrogenated vegetable oil);
  • Hash Browns;
  • Fruit Bags;
  • Carrot Sticks;
  • Garden Side Salad (with Balsamic Dressing);
  • some McFlurry desserts, such as the Crunchie and Dairy Milk;
  • And certain Milkshakes.
  • All of our other drinks are free from ingredients containing gluten except the Cappuccino, as the Chocolate Sprinkles used do contain gluten. McDonald’s UK works very closely with Coeliac UK to provide a list of ingredients that are suitable for coeliacs. You can find more information on ingredients and allergens for all McDonald’s UK menu items.

And they state why they do not offer this GLUTEN FREE burger bun in the UK stating ” The menus, and therefore the kitchen layout and equipment available in our restaurants located around the world vary. To offer gluten-free buns, we would need separate storage and toasting equipment in place to prevent cross-contamination, which many of our UK restaurants kitchens do not currently have the capacity to provide. We are always looking for ways in which we can offer wider choice to our customers and this is something that we are giving thought to, but we have no immediate plans to introduce this option“.

So if you’re passing through The Netherlands, make sure you try a GLUTEN FREE Burger… To find your nearest branch, visit the restaurant locator and click on the crossed grain logo. For more information (unfortunately stated in Dutch).

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If you are a member of Coeliac UK, they produce a comprehensive directory which covers over 16,000 food and drink items (including GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Bars). This is available in a paper-based Manual and online FREE to members of Coeliac UK.

One of the hard-hitting posters from Coeliac UK for Awareness Week.

One of the hard-hitting posters from Coeliac UK for Awareness Week.

One of the hard-hitting posters (featuring Yours Truly) from Coeliac UK launched for Awareness Week in 2015 and to be seen later in 2016.

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This information was correct as at publishing in April 2016.






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