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Enjoying GLUTEN FREE Ribena @The Ribena Colouring Cafe Pop-Up, London…

After receiving an Email from Ribena, I took a telephone call inviting me (and two friends) to visit the World’s first Ribena colouring cafe and “be part of something brilliantly colourful“. They did require photo-ID and the names of my friends at the time of booking my timed slot, which was a bit random but anything to do with Ribena: you can count me in!

The Ribena Colouring Cafe in Covent Garden, London

The Ribena Colouring Cafe in Covent Garden, London

They had taken over a cafe/ coffee shop, just a short walk from London’s Covent Garden with subtle Ribena branding. Inside there was lots of purple items in the inside-out location. And of course glass mugs of free-flowing Ribena and lots of purple cakes & treats.

My Colouring In!

My Colouring In!

The idea, they explained, was to provide Ribena fans with an hour of something different (colouring in) with lots of Ribena to contribute to a huge wall mural which they would reveal later in the day. It seemed a strange idea to me, given that colouring in is a kids activity but it was fun to switch off from daily life and focus upon keeping in the lines and adding bright and violently clashing colours together. They encouraged us to ignore what had already been done /tiles next to yours, and so I did my own colour scheme.

Disappointingly, the cakes were labelled “Warning contains NUTS” and I was surprised that the PR company hadn’t considered GLUTEN FREE properly as they rushed away, only to return with a Banana and later, some fruit pastilles (as the only Gluten Free items) for me to eat. Maybe next time, they’ll be more in-touch with allergies for Coeliacs.

The wall without my colouring.

The wall without my colouring.

And with my coloured tile.

And with my coloured tile.

I did borrow the pink lines from the next tile so that it would blend in but decided that I didn’t want to do the bird in brown and yellow (like the next tile) and had to colour it in Ribena purple!

The final picture (with my piece).

Part of the final picture (with my piece).

Unfortunately the finished picture is too large to fit into one photo although they suggested that they would be using it for a future advert /marketing in July, so look out for the GLUTEN FREE Ribena Colouring Cafe Picture!

Originally made in Bristol by HW Carter as a cordial drink, named after the botanical name for blackcurrants Ribes Nigrum in 1938, GlaxoSmithKline purchased the brand in 1955 through the Beecham Group. There is a wide range of flavours available including Blackcurrant, Blackcurrant Light, Winter Spice, Strawberry, Very Berry, Mango & Lime, Orange & Guava, Apple, Orange, Orange no added sugar and Summer Fruits no added sugar. I confess I have full fat Blackcurrant and that’s my favourite. Internationally, I have seen Ribena in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand where Ribena Pastilles are available and are amazing: Small packets of Ribena Sweets which are made in Malaysia.

Controversially, in 2001, Ribena Toothkind was introduced with an endorsement from the British Dental Association as it was claimed it was less damaging to teeth than other soft drinks. Later it was criticized by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority as being misleading and it went to the UK’s High Court in 2003.

Ingredients of Blackcurrant Ribena: Water, Blackcurrant Juice from Concentrate (6%), Vitamin C, Acid (Citric Acid), Colour (Anthocyanins)


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