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Three NEW Cadbury Limited Edition Chocolate Bars (Unfortunately ALL WITH ADDED GLUTEN!)…UURRRGGGHHHH!

NEW Limited Edition Chocolate Bars by Cadbury

NEW Limited Edition Chocolate Bars by Cadbury

As you will know, I LOVE My Chocolate Bars. Indeed, they are my fuel of life and I’m so passionate about this product that I’m a proud judge of the FreeFrom Food Awards (including the Chocolate and Confectionery Classes). so I was excited to learn that Cadbury’s were launching three new Chocolate Bars: all Limited Editions.

WITH GLUTEN: New Tiffin Cadburys Limited Edition Bar

WITH GLUTEN: New Tiffin Cadburys Limited Edition Bar

In the UK, the Limited Edition Dairy Milk Tiffin bar was available in the UK over a decade ago so Cadbury’s have decided to bring it back for Summer 2016. It was originally sold by the company almost 80 years ago but had been scrapped and brought back twice: when it was back on shelves 13 years ago. Tiffin: A Chocolate Bar stuffed with raisins and biscuit pieces is made in the Cadbury’s Factory in Coolock, Dublin, and this bar is still available in Ireland (just not the UK) except for Summer 2016. Cadbury’s have stated that the Limited Edition run for the UK will be around three million bars although I suspect if this proves popular, they can ship a few more over the Irish Sea to the UK (just for the Summer!)…


  • Milk Chocolate (Milk**, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fat, Emulsifiers (E442, E476), Flavourings), Raisins (Raisins 10%, Vegetable Oil), Biscuits (6%) (Wheat Flour, Vegetable Fat, Sugar, Salt, Raising Agents (Sodium and Ammonium Bicarbonates)), **The equivalent of 426ml of Fresh Liquid Milk in every 227g of Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate: Milk Solids 20% minimum, actual 23%, Cocoa Solids 20% minimum, Contains Vegetable Fats in addition to Cocoa Butter

Dietary Information

Suitable for Vegetarians /Contains Gluten / Contains Wheat /Contains Milk /May Contain Nuts /May Contain Peanuts

And a little further from Home, Down-under in Australia, in celebration of the Australian Olympic team they have released two Limited Edition quintessentially Australian flavoured family blocks. According to Cadbury “the move not only boosts support for the team (fitting aptly alongside the company’s “moments of joy” motto) but also serves as a call to unite another host of fans supporting their version of green and gold: Brazil“. The Chocolate Company have revised their traditional Purple wrappers with Green and Gold colours along with the Olympic Rings.

NEW With GLUTEN Lamington Dairy Milk Bar

NEW With GLUTEN Lamington Dairy Milk Bar

Limited Edition “Lamington” Dairy Milk Bar: Described as “Dairy Milk milk chocolate with raspberry ham flavoured pieces, vanilla cake flavoured pieces and coconut” it’s sounds yummy: a bit like a School Dinner pudding of a bygone era but of course with Vanilla Cake Pieces: it’s got ADDED GLUTEN!!!

No Ingredients listings are available as yet but I suspect it will not be GLUTEN FREE. This bar will be exclusively available in Woolworths (yes they still have them down-under!)

NEW Limited Edition Cadburys Apple Crumble Dairy Milk Bar WITH GLUTEN

NEW Limited Edition Cadburys Apple Crumble Dairy Milk Bar WITH GLUTEN

And across the Road in Coles (another Supermarket Chain), Cadbury’s will launch another Limited Edition Olympic Bar: “Apple Crumble: Dairy Milk Bar: Described as “Dairy Milk with baked oatmeal crumble and apple jelly pieces” Again the influence of desserts is strong as that sound lovely but of course with OATmeal Crumble, I suspect it will not be GLUTEN FREE!

So come on Cadbury’s and remember the Coeliacs!

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If you are a member of Coeliac UK, they produce a comprehensive directory which covers over 16,000 food and drink items, available in a paper-based Manual and online FREE to members of Coeliac UK.

One of the hard-hitting posters from Coeliac UK for Awareness Week.

One of the hard-hitting posters (featuring Yours Truly) from Coeliac UK  launched for Awareness Week, launched in 2015 and now showing (in 2016) in The Netherlands.

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This information was correct as of August 2016.

But as I am learning, ingredients do change and therefore you should always read the label and check for yourself whether it is GLUTEN FREE or not!



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