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GLUTEN FREE Quality Street are changing: removing Toffee Deluxe and introducing Honeycomb Crunch….


After the changes made to Cadbury’s Roses, announced earlier in the summer, it was no surprise that the main rival Chocolate Box is also making some amendments to it’s own updated. Nestle’s Quality Street have received protests on their most recent announcement that the Toffee Deluxe is being pulled from it’s Quality Street Collection. They have stated “The Sweet is not being withdrawn totally, its available in our Toffee & Fudge pack and in limited edition tins” but Chocolate Fans clearly don’t like change.

Quality Street Menu (part 1)

Quality Street Menu (part 1)

In place of the Toffee Deluxe, Nestle have announced the launch of Honeycomb Crunch: in celebration of the brand’s 80th birthday, the first new sweet for nearly a decade for Nestle’s Quality Street. They have defended their controversial decision stating “We did extensive research and found the Honeycomb Crunch was the most popular option for a new sweet and that many people felt there were enough toffee based sweets in the collection so the Toffee Deluxe made way.” Indeed, they have pointed out in further press conferences that it was only introduced in 2011 and was not part of the original selection of Quality Street chocolates.

Quality Street Menu (Part 2) including NEW Honeycomb Crunch

Quality Street Menu (Part 2) including NEW Honeycomb Crunch

John Mackintosh started making hard toffee sweets with a runny caramel in 1890 in Halifax, West Yorkshire and very quickly expanded to build the world’s first toffee factory. It was his son, Harold that created boxed chocolates with individually wrapped sweets having invented the world’s first twist-wrapping machine and using a tin, rather than the traditional cardboard box. It was in the 1930’s that the Regency Era characters were introduced: Miss Sweetly and Major Quality to the packaging and remained on the tins, boxes and marketing materials until 2000. Once, an independent Chocolate maker, it was owned by Rowntree Mackintosh before being acquired by Nestle.

Of course, they continued to innovate with larger versions of the most popular chocolates sold as regular bars. The most popular one is suggested to be the “Large Purple One” as well as Easter Eggs and Christmas gifts. And reassuringly, they have maintained the twist-wrappers which their main rival (Roses have removed).

Roses packaging has gone generic and quite "cheap" looking!

Roses packaging has gone generic and quite “cheap” looking!

And finally, the Ingredients of Quality Street (CONTAINS MILK and states the warning “May contain PEANUTS and other TREE NUTS“).



They have reassured Toffee Deluxe will remain in Limited Edition Quality Street Tins in an exclusive deal with Tescos so maybe they’re trying to meet everyone’s demand!

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One of the hard-hitting posters from Coeliac UK for Awareness Week.

One of the hard-hitting posters (featuring Yours Truly) from Coeliac UK  launched for Awareness Week, launched in 2015.

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This information was correct as of September 2016.

But as I am learning, ingredients do change and therefore you should always read the label and check for yourself whether it is GLUTEN FREE or not!



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