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Flying Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class GLUTEN FREE Lunch & Afternoon Tea: Trans-Atlantic Outbound flight Winter 2016

From my previous posts, you will know that I have to order my “Special Meal” before I fly and I end up praying that it is put onto the departing plane. I have had mixed results from airlines from  BA Club World Autumn 2016BA Club World 2015Emirates (Business Class 2015), BA (Traveller Plus 2014)Thai Airlines (Business Class 2014), Dragon Air (Business Class 2014), Cathay Pacific (Business Class 2014), BA (Club World Business Class 2014)BA (Club World Business Class 2013),   BA (First 2015) and BA CW Summer 2016 so flying on Virgin Atlantic meant a whole new experience for me.

Virgin Atlantic's Clubhouse at T3 LHR

Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse at T3 LHR

Before flying, Virgin Atlantic have a great check-in arrangement for passengers travelling in Upper Class. It is separate from the rest of the airport on a upper floor and similar to BA’s First; it is more like  a hotel check-in than an airline counter. If you’re on a full fare ticket, you have the option of a pick-up which will take you straight into this check-in area, away from the regular passengers. In addition, they have a Virgin Atlantic exclusive line through Security (aside from the regular crowds) so there was no waiting in queues but walking right through (and into Duty Free shopping!).

In the Clubhouse lounge, there is a beauty salon, lounge areas, a restaurant, a deli-bar, a very long drinks bar as well as quiet gallery. It is well stocked and well-used by Virgin Upper Class passengers as well as Delta passengers.

Breakfast No1: In the Virgin Atlantic Lounge's restaurant.

Breakfast No1: In the Virgin Atlantic Lounge’s restaurant.

We sat at a table and ordered breakfast from their Menu. They were able to provide GLUTEN FREE toast as well as Bacon. The waitress did advise that the sausages weren’t Gluten Free and offered other breakfast items including mushrooms, hash browns, tomatoes and beans. This simple breakfast suited me after over-indulging and over-eating in the festive period.

Unfortunately, our 0915 flight was delayed by two hours so we were asked to remain in the lounge until further announcements were made. Therefore, I helped myself to a second breakfast:

Breakfast No2: From the Virgin Atlantic Lounge's Deli Counter

Breakfast No2: From the Virgin Atlantic Lounge’s Deli Counter

As above, this was requested from the Deli Counter with freshly sliced meats and several large chunks of cheese were on offer. They had an extensive selection of breads but my GLUTEN FREE toast was made and came direct from the kitchen.


After 1100, we were at the Boarding Gate and shortly sat in Upper Class. The Cabin Crew distributed Menu cards and I noted that I hadn’t been provided with one. The Cabin Crew confirmed that they had a Special Meal for me, so nothing to worry about which was reassuring. Of course, it is disappointing not to get a choice but knowing they had prepared my meal separately is more important. After we had taken-off and were cruising across towards the United States, Lunch was served.

Soup starter

Soup starter

My soup with bits

My soup with bits

Whilst my soup wasn’t the same as the regular Upper Class passengers, as mine was with more bits, no croutons and a different flavour, I felt like they had tried to blend me into the meal service in providing me with a GLUTEN FREE soup. Personally, I find it decadent to have soup on a plane! I received a Gluten Free roll which had been warmed up but not served HOT! It was soft and tasted like plain bread: with little flavour and substance.

My Gluten Free Bread roll

My Gluten Free Bread roll

I was amused by the little Salt and Pepper dispensers which were presented onto my tray, alongside the table cloth with much theatre. It was disappointing that they looked like metal, but upon handling, it was clear they were plastic!

Stylish (if disappointingly plastic) Salt & Pepper for Upper Class

Stylish (if disappointingly plastic) Salt & Pepper for Upper Class

My Main Course was a chicken dish, the Cabin Crew never seem to know what is my “special meal” which is a shame…

My Main Course

My Main Course

It was clear from tasting this that it was pepper chicken. The gravy was a good addition as it added a good flavour to the fairly bland vegetables and the peppery chicken. A little too much pepper was probably on the meat, but a tasty main course before my GLUTEN FREE dessert was served:

My Official Dessert: Jelly

My Official Dessert: Jelly

Even the Cabin Crew felt a little embarrassed with this dessert as it was a thin strip of Jelly which sat awkwardly on a very large porcelian plate. It was refreshing and light but I was still hungry so when they went past, I requested from the Cabin Crew a regular plate of cheese. I opted not to have the Blue Cheese and had a strong Cheddar with the Fig Chutney. (I had my own Shar Crackers which I always carry with me on my travels.

My Second Dessert: Cheese & Fig Pickle.

My Second Dessert: Cheese & Fig Pickle.

It was a satisfying GLUTEN FREE Lunch, served in the sky heading to the United States.


My Afternoon Tea by Virgin Atlantic

My Afternoon Tea by Virgin Atlantic

Before landing into Atlanta, the Cabin Crew served up Afternoon Tea. This was most appreciated after falling asleep and watching a couple of film since Lunch. Of course, regular passengers had a selection of sandwiches to choose from as well as an array of dainty cakes, whereas my “Special Meal”  was provided direct to me.

There was a chicken and salad wrap, which was difficult to eat as it fell open but rather tasty and a chipolata chicken wrap (which I found too spicy for me!) In addition, a small pot of red-cabbage coleslaw  which contrasted with the wraps. As the only GLUTEN FREE passenger in Upper Class, I was provided with both wraps and a plate for my cake bar and biscuits (both made by Honeybuns: Chocolate Caramel Shortbreads and Triple Chocolate Tinker Cookie). These were pre-wrapped and I particularly liked the chocolate cookie which was soft and chewy.

My Gluten Free cakes

My Gluten Free cakes

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One of the hard-hitting posters from Coeliac UK for Awareness Week.

One of the hard-hitting posters (featuring Yours Truly) from Coeliac UK  launched for Awareness Week, launched in 2015 and featured in The Netherlands in 2016.

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This information was correct as of January 2017.

But as I am learning, ingredients do change and therefore you should always read the label and check for yourself whether it is GLUTEN FREE or not!





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