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Flying Delta (Domestic) First Class and Delta One suite (International): GLUTEN FREE in January 2017…

On my return from a New Year celebration in the United States, I travelled on Delta Airlines, with the first leg from Orlando to Boston before joining the International flight back to London Heathrow. It was an interesting culinary experience with my requested GLUTEN FREE meal(s). Alongside other airline meals reviewed on my blog include: (BA CW Autumn 2016BA CW 2015Emirates (Business 2015), BA (Traveller Plus 2014),Thai Airlines (Business 2014), Dragon Air (Business 2014), Cathay Pacific (Business 2014), BA (Club World Business 2014)BA (Club World Business 2013),   BA (First 2015) and BA CW Summer 2016), this is my experience with Delta:


After a second drinks round, in First Class our lunch was served and of course, I was provided with my “Special meal”. I was a little surprised as I know that in Europe, Special Meals and specific catering is unlikely and unavailable so travelling domestically in America, it was great to know my meal was “special”.

Chicken Salad on my Delta Domestic Flight

Chicken Salad on my Delta Domestic Flight

A substantial salad with lots of leaves, topped with a chicken breast and cucumbers /tomato slices. I was provided with a Balsamic Dressing and of course the obligatory Rice Cake. In addition, a fruit salad was provided which was very sweet and chilled. A good lunch meal which did the job on the domestic flight up to Boston.

Gluten Free Rice cake instead of a bread roll!

Gluten Free Rice cake instead of a bread roll!

DELTA GLUTEN FREE DINNER (International Service):

Arriving at my seat, I noted that they had left me the Menu which confused me a little. It was when they came round in Business Class asked me for my selection when I inquired whether they had loaded my Gluten Free Meal. The Cabin Crew member retreated back to the galley area before reappearing and advising that no Business Class GF meal had been ordered. She suggested that I could order something from the main menu, which was not really suitable as I asked whether she had a detailed ingredients listing. She did not. She requested that I choose something from the breakfast selection which again, was completely unsuitable and she apologised that she didn’t know much about being Gluten Free. She disappeared again and with the Cabin Service Director, they advised that it had been my Booking Agent’s fault as they should have indicated my allergies on every leg of our journey. However, they would not starve me on this overnight flight back to London and had reserved a GF meal from Coach and would ensure that I had something to eat.

Whilst I always travel with snacks and GF food, it was a little more reassuring that they would feed me and soon Dinner was presented:

Delta starter (pulled together)

Delta starter (pulled together)

The Cabin Crew apologized that they had cobbled together this plate of cheese. They didn’t offer me biscuits or crackers but it was a good hard cheddar cheese alongside a Fig chutney and a handful of grapes. My second tray included a good salad as well as the obligatory Rice Cake:

Second course with Salad (and fruit salad dessert).

Second course with Salad (and fruit salad dessert).

With the smallest piece of sliced processed cheese, I found this salad to be rather dull. Of course, they had the Rice Cake (which remained in it’s clingfilm wrap) and my pudding which was a bowl of fruit salad. All airlines believe that fruit is the best and easy dessert option for Coeliacs!

Gluten Free Delta's Entree

Gluten Free Delta’s Entree

My Entree was a good plate of rice with bell peppers and onions alongside some chicken pieces and carrots. It was a nice change to have some good flavour in my main course alongside the rice, ad chicken, it was a good solid dinner: and of course GLUTEN FREE.

Desserts with GLUTEN

Desserts with GLUTEN

And similarly to Virgin Atlantic, Delta serve the desserts at your seat from a trolley. Of course, the Ice Cream wasn’t an option as it was contaminated and served with a Wheat-filled biscuit, Chocolate Lava cake (with Wheat) or more cheese, so I opted for nothing, having enjoyed my fruit salad and changed my seat into the flat-bed.

DELTA GLUTEN FREE BREAKFAST (International Service):

Being woken up around one hour before we landed into London Heathrow was disturbing but already my stomach was rumbling despite having only a few hours sleep (as the Transatlantic flight is quite a short hop from Boston).

Gluten Free Breakfast tray

Gluten Free Breakfast tray

I was most surprised to find the Breakfast tray contained a Udis GLUTEN FREE Chocolate muffin which I have enjoyed before. Of course, it came with a fruit salad as well as a yogurt (which was labelled GLUTEN FREE! It made a change to have no Rice Cake which may have been because they had noticed that I didn’t eat them!

My GF yogurt

My GF yogurt

So for a International journey which had started with some element of nervousness (when they had no special meal for me) Delta did a grand job in preparing meals which were GLUTEN FREE and enjoyable (in the main).

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One of the hard-hitting posters from Coeliac UK for Awareness Week.

One of the hard-hitting posters (featuring Yours Truly) from Coeliac UK  launched for Awareness Week, launched in 2015 and seen in The Netherlands in 2016.

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This information was correct as of January 2017.

But as I am learning, ingredients do change and therefore you should always read the label and check for yourself whether it is GLUTEN FREE or not!


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