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Eating GLUTEN FREE at The Magic Kingdom @Walt Disney World in Winter 2016/17…

Enjoying the wonderful world of Disney at Walt Disney World, I can guarantee that they will look after your food allergies and eating quirks. They always take care and attention to allergies and I have real confidence in all of the restaurants, quick-service stops and across the many worlds of the Disney empire. Of course, no trip  to the “World” is complete without a visit to the Magic Kingdom, home to fantastic characters, a beautiful castle and many classic rides…


Strangely, one of the benefits of an Advance Reservation for breakfast at Crystal Palace, is the early entry you benefit ahead of the Park officially opening. It allows for great photographs along Main Street without many people in the background and another great picture in front of the castle. The restaurant offers a buffet (with a very wide array of breakfast items) and whilst i can’t have everything, once you’ve checked in and been seated, a chef comes over and discusses the options for me. Unfortunately, the sausages are not Gluten Free nor the pastry items which are quite extensive but they are able to make items to order including Gluten  Free Toast and Gluten Free Waffles (made without egg I discovered!).

Gluten Free specials made just for me!

Gluten Free specials made just for me!

Whilst the toast (in the USA generally) isn’t that well toasted, it is good that it is an option and they will make special preparations for me. In addition, the waffles were a lovely delight: really crunchy and yet soft inside. They are clearly sharped like Mickey heads and I had to ask what to have them with and found some super sweet Strawberry compote as well as draining the Maple Syrup over one of them. It was suggested they could be eaten with Bacon but I think they should be a sweet treat and not a savoury one.

My GF waffles!

My GF waffles!

There is a lot on the buffet to enjoy including fresh fruit with yogurts, smoked salmon and salads, hot traditional breakfast items including bacon, potatoes and sausages [with Gluten!] as well as a freshly made-in-front-of-you omelette station. And whilst you are eating, the main characters from the Pooh stories make their way around the restaurant and pose for photographs. They ensure that Pooh, Tiger, Ey-Ore and Piglet all visit and there usually a cast member able to take joint photographs whilst you’re breaking from breakfast.

So a Great Magical start to the day with a plentiful GLUTEN FREE Breakfast!


From a separate Allergy Menu, a wide selection of dishes are available for those whom require special attention. They offer a selection of variations from the main menu as well as unique dishes such as GLUTEN FREE Chicken Strips. This was my choice and it came with fries or broccoli. I had read a review of another diner experience and they had found the plate of Broccoli quite overwhelming so I had to have the fries. A tasty alternative to breadcrumbs and made fresh.

Once you’ve paid, they provide your receipt with the “Allergy” stamp in red as well as presenting you with a pager. I guess it theoritically means you could wander off and return when it goes off, knowing you food is ready but they directed me (and others with a pager) to join the collection queue where we waited longer than most guests as it was cooked separately. It was brought over on it’s own tray by the Chef who had prepared these away from the main kitchen so the fries were also treated well as the chicken. So if you’re in a rush, don’t go into Columbia Harbour House as you will be disappointed with the short wait.


And for dinner, couldn’t resist the Liberty Tree Tavern which provides a family-style meal with costumed staff, a colonial atmosphere with a formal announcement of your party, when taken to your table. It seemed quite a chaotic restaurant as despite turning up at our reservation time, we still had to wait 15 minutes before we were announced and seated. The Server was not alarmed by my food allergies and suggested that this would be a minor change with a GLUTEN FREE stuffing as well as a separate GLUTEN FREE gravy just for me.



Our starter was a simple salad with a really sweet dressing. It was great to have raw vegetables after quite a lot of fried food accompanied by bread. Of course an overly generous four-GLUTEN FREE rolls were presented for me which was over-the-top. These had been warmed but there were areas of the rolls which were too hard to eat (not that I was short of any bread!)

Gluten Free Bread Rolls

Gluten Free Bread Rolls

But I was sure not to over-undulge in the bread as my main Entree was arriving: It had been plated up as I was a Coeliac and made me more comfortable than having it served family style with shared plates for all!

My Entree (All GLUTEN FREE)

My Entree (All GLUTEN FREE)

The generous portion of Turkey, Pork and Beef, alongside a heap of French Beans, a great ball of Gluten Free stuffing (which was amazingly great) and buttered mashed potatoes was a filling meal. In addition it was served with cranberry sauce as well as a Gluten Free gravy. The Turkey was really succulent as was the pork and the stuffing (as mentioned already) was so tasty with a softness inside the crunchy outside. Our waitress offered us more of anything and everything, but I only really wanted a little more gravy (to continue to finish my very large plate) and kept going until I could eat no more. Then dessert was delivered and whilst they had a warm pudding for regular customers, I had a sorbet with fresh fruit (blueberries) which was light and lush after such a grand Dinner.

My GF Dessert

My GF Dessert

So another day of glorious GLUTEN FREE foods at the Magic Kingdom which no issues with my allergies or eating requirements!

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And on my last trip to Walt Disney World (Spring 2016), on Disney Cruise Line (Spring 2016) and Universal Studios Orlando & Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

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This information was correct as at publishing in January 2017.


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