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Eating GLUTEN FREE at EPCOT @Walt Disney World in Winter 2016/7…

Another day, and another Disney Park at Walt Disney World. Of course, we made reservations as we did want to eat with the Princesses at the Princess Storybook at Akershus Royal Banquet. It means that we can see more characters whilst eating a buffet lunch and take some quiet time out! Yes, out of the heat of Florida and in the relative confines of air-conditioned fantasy. In a mock Norwegian house, after registering and waiting we had our opening picture with Belle. Looking back at previous trips and memories, the background has not changed in several years although the Belle is a slightly different variation this time, and I won’t challenge how we saw her last week on the Disney Cruise Line travelling to the Bahamas so how can she be here as well!

After this we were taken to our table and I was presented the Allergen Menu. This was most pleasing as it meant I could easily and quickly see what dishes I could enjoy. Through the meal, Cinderella, Ariel, Arora and Snow White pass through and pose for pictures and a brief conversation.

With Cinderella

With Cinderella

They are picture-perfect and have the gestures /poses down to a fine art after many hours of wandering through.

My special Drink! All Natural Lemonade with Wild Berry Foam

My special Drink! All Natural Lemonade with Wild Berry Foam

The Disney website describes this as…

“At lunch and dinner, every Guest’s royal feast begins with a “Taste of Norway”—featuring the finest Scandinavian seafood, imported cheeses, cured and sliced meats, and a vast selection of salads and fruits. Then, take your pick from a rotating menu of hot entrées, including pan-seared salmon, oven-roasted chicken breast and a Norwegian meatball dish called Kjøttkake”.

Allergen Menu: especially for me!

The starter is a grand buffet, laid out in open fridged units /tables on the side. Like other venues, they have dual lines to manage guests with lots of salads, cold meats, breads, and delicatessen bites to enjoy, some with a little Norwegian flag indicating the authenticity /origin. It was great that on my allergen menu that this was clearly marked and I was permitted to keep a menu in order to check what I was eating. It proved rather useful as the Prawn Salad was found to contain Wheat even though looking at it, I was sure it couldn’t have or shouldn’t have!

For my Entree, I had selected the Meat Balls: “Traditional Kjottkake: Norwegian Meatballs served with Mashed Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables and Lingonberry Sauce”. It is naturally Gluten Free so appears on the regular Menu as well as my “special” menu.

GF Entree

GF Entree

Whilst it looked rather plan, my Entree wasn’t rather tasty. The Meatballs were quite light and airy with mean as well as other vegetables and flavouring whilst the sweetness of the Lingonberry sauce added to this dish. The Green Beans were firm and warm, not overcooked! A good solid GLUTEN FREE Main Course. And despite eating lots, it was then time for a “surprise” dessert. This was nervous about as the waiting staff don’t tell you anything until it arrives. Of the selection of good sized desserts, he advised that I could have the Sorbet (in a separate bowl) and the Rice Pudding served with strawberry sauce. The other cakes had flour in them so where to be avoided.

My GF Desserts

My GF Desserts

I know some Coeliacs would have objected to cross-contamination between the Rice Pudding and the cakes but I am less concerned about this and more interested in how it tasted. It was delicious with a creamy and a lovely sweet sticky sauce. It was a grand end to a magnificent GLUTEN FREE meal.

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This information was correct as at publishing in January 2017.


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