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Eating GLUTEN FREE at Port Orleans French Quarter Resort @Walt Disney World in January 2017…

So staying on Disney property at Walt Disney World leads to benefits such as access to the Disney transportation, early-bird entry to selective parks on selective days, Magic Bands and of course Disney managed facilities (including restaurants). We have previously stayed at other properties (including Caribbean Beach and Yacht Club) and this was our first time at Port Orleans. It has a great Food Hall which enables several counters of different styled foods. With long opening hours, it caters for the residents as well as visitors to this exciting resort and is located just across from the main reception /gift shop.


EVENING SNACK: Whilst during active days in the Theme Parks (including a Buffet lunch at EPCOT and a Buffet Breakfast at the Magic Kingdom), we returned one evening a little hungry. The Food Court was still open and at the Till Point, they were able to furnish me with a GLUTEN FREE Menu.

Gluten Free Menu

Gluten Free Menu#

Of course a lot of the dishes are bread-based but a wide selection of items which ensure you can have a meal without too much fuss.

One of the Counters at the Food Court

One of the Counters at the Food Court

I choose from the Menu a burger (as the Chef assured me  that it would be cooked and prepared in the back-kitchen to prevent cross-contamination and they had GLUTEN FREE bread) and I was not disappointed. I was able to full customised my Burger with additional items. The Gluten Free Bread roll was soft although a little plain and tasteless but there is a condiments station where various sauces can be added. They also brought mine out in a polystyrene tray which acted like a plate so again, it was protected from cross-contamination.

My Gluten Free Burger

My Gluten Free Burger

A good GLUTEN FREE snack with chunky Chips (Fries) and a good decent burger.

LUNCH: Before we headed to one of the parks we spent the morning by the resort’s swimming pool; enjoying the sunshine and the warmer weather. We decided to have a lunch in the resort rather than arriving at a Theme Park and spend it seeking out Gluten Free Food. After some research on the local blogs I knew I could enjoy the Grits (which I have never had before as they are made with Corn and although they are in a creamy sauce, they are a good option.

Shrimps in Grits

Shrimps in Grits

My “Shrimps & Grits” included shrimps, vegetables, cream sauce, Tasso Ham and Grits and was very tasty. The shrimp was cooked in a light creole sauce which wasn’t too spicy although it did have a good Southern Kick to it. The creamy sauce was delicious and I was impressed after speaking with the Chef that this was cooked (in front of me) fresh. I was nervous about trying this dish but I rather enjoyed it as it had a good balance with the light creamy sauce with the meaty large shrimp and the spiciness of the dish.

A Great GLUTEN FREE Lunch which was filling, plentiful and tasty with a distinctive Southern flavour.

Well dressed staff at Port Orleans

Well dressed staff at Port Orleans

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This information was correct as at publishing in February 2017.



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