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FreeFrom Food Awards 2017: Special Super Hero announced and Overall Winner celebrated (Part 2 including the Winner’s Buffet!)…

Following on from Part 1: FreeFrom Food Awards blog post which included all the primary category GOLD Winners at the ceremony on 28/03/17 for the FreeFrom Food Awards 2017 held at the Royal College of Physicians (in Regent’s Park, London), I now move onto the special Super Hero Award as well as the overall winner of the FreeFrom Food Award 2017 and a review of the Winners Buffet:

Super Heroes

After the individual category GOLD awards were announced and official Winner photographs with Chef Anthony Worrall Thompson were completed, Michelle Berriedale-Johnson had the great pleasure in introducing a special one-off honour for a Super Hero who had gone beyond in support and in development of Free From Foods. It was with much expectation that the “Great and the Good” were celebrated and highlighted:

Super Hero 1: Adrian Ling of Plamil. Adrian Ling is the Managing Director of Plamil Foods Ltd having spent over thirty years in the food industry. He joined Plamil when it had only four employees and has grown the company and the product range from the original food canning line, to a 24 hour operation with over forty employees and extensive range of confectionery and condiment products which sell worldwide. Originally in the 1960’s, Plamils focus was food for vegans who wished to avoid dairy and was the first company in Europe to produce dairy free ‘milk’ chocolate. Now the company provides foods suitable for those with multiple allergies with an extensive listing which includes GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE and EGG FREE Chocolate Bars and a selection of Easter products.

Super Hero 2: Angela Mumby as Technical Director and leading in-house Product Development at Mrs Crimble’s, much of the growth and successes of the company are down to the range widening since 1979. They have always stated that the “will not launch anything unless it’s really tasty and can be enjoyed by all.” Following on from the Choc Macaroon, they have developed more savoury items and the Cheese Straws won the Savoury Snack Category at the 2016 FreeFrom Food Awards.  Mrs Crimble’s does all of their own product development and ingredient sourcing and ensures all products meet their very specific and tight requirements thus retaining absolute control over both recipes and production. Their current range of 40 products are made in a number of specialist bakeries, some large, some small.

Super Hero 3: Chris Hook Free From Director at Warbutons. A conventional bakery wit a in-house free-from unit: Newburn Bakehouse with its own identity offering a lot more stand out value on the shelfas a sub-brand of Warbutons. He had added “artisan” hand-made loaves to its Newburn Bakehouse range alongside their standard, white loaf and a white sourdough loaf . They look to emphasise what they see as the health credentials of its gluten-free products versus rival branded bread in terms of nutritional values.

Super Hero 4: Claire Marriage: Doves Farm started with two parallel fields: one for organic farming and and the other for special diets. From humble beginnings from selling the milled flours all over the country to  a semi-automated process. The Doves Farm range has extended into flapjacks, cookies and breakfast cereals and previously the White Self-Raising Flour won the grand prize at the 2011 FreeFrom Food Awards. Michelle estimated that some 30% of attendees at this years awards were probably using Doves Flour Mixes in their own products. Quite a significant contribution to the Free From world!

Super Hero 5: Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne: Genius is a well established Gluten Free provider with amazing breads that started when she discovered her son was gluten intolerant. From developing a white and brown loaf in her kitchen to commercializing it through a Scottish Bakery, the range now includes rolls, pastries, crumpets and pains au chocolat with sales in North Europe, America, Australia and the Middle East as well as the UK. Genius Bread won the Innovation Award at the Free From Food Awards 2009.

After much waiting, the winner of the special one-off award was Claire Marriage (Doves Farm) who shared with  the audience a few thoughts about her journey as well as thanking several key influencers on her way. She was presented with a commissioned wooden board marking her achievement.

The Winner Claire Marriage

Then the Big One was announced…

The shortlisted Top 5 Winners for the Grand Overall Prize

So the products considered to be the best of the best included:

Product 1: BFree Sweet Potato WrapsBFree – a range of bakery products suitable for coeliacs and those with other food intolerances. Soft White Loaf, Brown Seeded Loaf, Soft White Rolls and Brown Seeded Rolls, and Wraps. Available in ASDA, Ocado and They are also available in Dunnes Stores, Tesco and SuperValu in Ireland.

Product 2: Green’s Dubbel Ale: Green’s is the UK’s longest-established GF brewer and makes a wide range of GF beer from its Dry Hopped Lager (naturally GF) to Tripel Ale and Dubbel Ale (both naturally GF and bottle-refermented). Available from major supermarkets and Green’s Beers.

Product 3: Naturally Coconuts Mint Choc Chip Ice CreamNaturally Coconuts is a delicious, award-winning organic dairy-free ice cream, made with the finest, ethically-sourced coconut ingredients. It’s available in six natural flavours, sweetened with unrefined organic coconut sugar, and packed with super foods

Product 4: West Cornwall Pasty Gluten Free & Dairy Free Traditional “Everybody” Pasty: West Cornwall Pasty Company specialise in pasties hand made in West Cornwall everyday but we’ll take care of breakfast, lunch, snacks, hot drinks, cold drinks, time fillers, drinks and dinner. Eat on the high street, take-away on the go at selected Railway Stations and appearing at a variety of festivals across the UK.

Product 5: Yau’s Thai Style Satay Sauce: WingYip makes this rich Thai style Satay sauce with only natural ingredients and without peanuts. Used as a marinade, stir-fry sauce or simply warm gently and use as a dip.

And the Winner was the BFree Wraps who took home the statue “Mo” for the current year:

And then we were ready for the Winner’s Buffet, so all the key category winners present their products for all the guests to enjoy.

My Buffet Plate

It does mean that my plate had a slither of a BFree Wrap, a piece of Tescos Free From Garlic Baguette, a taste of Yau’s Thai Style Satay Sauce, a small pot of Naturally Coconut Mint Choc Chip ice Cream, a very melted mouthful of the MiiRO SalteD CarameL bars, a piece of Rana’s Artisan Bakery Italian Sourdough Bread, a piece Adonis Smart Food Pecan, Goji Berry and Cocoa Snack Bar, a large handful of Biona Organic Mini Fruit Bears, a Booja Booja Almond & Sea Salt Chocolate Truffle, a couple of little Yorkshire Puddings made with Isabel’s Mix, a taste of Stoffell’s No Added Sugar Brown Sauce, a Asda Free From Cream Filled Chocolate Profiterole, a piece of Free From Bakehouse Banana and Chocolate Chip Loaf, a Prewett’s Chocoful bar, a spoonful of Tesco Free From Pulled Beef Ragu with Pasta, a square piece of Asda Free From Chocolate Party cake, a Rule of Crumb Gluten & Dairy Free Chicken Goujon, a spoonful of Pure Free From Dairy and GlutenFree Butternut Squash Risotto, a spoonful of Evexia Thrive Spinach & Ricotta Tortellni pasta, a Kelkin Teacake, a spoonful of Tesco Free From Beef Casserole and Dumplings, a piece of a Most Marvellously Munchable Multiseed Cracker but disappointingly the West Cornwall Traditional Pasty and the Free & Easy Carrot Cake had gone by the time I went to the Buffet!

A sumptuous treat of GLUTEN FREE and Largely DAIRY FREE Delight!

With Isabel from Isabel’s Mixes including her award winning Yorkshire Pudding Mix

With the FreeFrom Patron Chef Anthony Worrall Thompson

And at this prestigious event, the publication “FreeFrom Food and the Awards – 10 Years On” was launched. This is a new book which charts the history, development and key characters of the awards over it’s first ten years. Told through interviews with all those involved including judges, the sponsors and the winners from one person businesses to the major supermarket giants. It is illustrated with photos from the very first award ceremony in 2008, upstairs at Celebrity Chef Antony Worrall Thompon’s Notting Grill restaurant to today’s glamours gathering of hundreds of freefrom experts.

The New publication

And onwards to the Free From Eating Out Awards  later in 2017 and back again next year, if Michelle will have me to judge the latest GLUTEN FREE foods.

Links to Manufacturers and stock availability can be found at the FreeFrom Food Awards Website.

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This information was correct as of March 2017.

But as I am learning, ingredients do change and therefore you should always read the label and check for yourself whether it is GLUTEN FREE or not!



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