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Travelling GLUTEN FREE Club Europe on British Airways (Spring 2017)…

In order to enjoy your inflight meal, it is an absolute to add this little but important detail to your booking. I usually do but didn’t realise that for British Airways short-haul flights, if you travel in Club Europe (business class) you have the option of pre-ordering a meal. Indeed, it was only once onboard that I noted a fellow passenger was given their “GLUTEN FREE Meal” Of course, they didn’t have any spare ones, so on my outbound flight, I suffered with the standard meal but made sure, on my inbound flight I enjoyed my GLUTEN FREE meal. So how were they?

Starting off in the British Airways lounge at London Gatwick Airport, I was pleasantly reassured in this new lounge property that there was at least some food items I could enjoy. The lounge is split into a section reserved for First Class passengers and another one for Gold /Silver card holders as well as Business Class passengers. A central hub features food items whilst there are several bar areas for drinks and other refreshments.

IMG_3375 (1)-opt

Arriving mid-afternoon meant that we could enjoy the very end of the Lunch Meal service as well as the delights of Afternoon Tea before boarding our short flight to Italy. British Airways offered a good salad bar (with individual dish labels which outlined if any of these contain one of the 14 allergens). This signage was repeated over the hot dishes which included jacket potatoes and rice with accompanying Thai Green Curry, Chilli or baked beans. A good solid selection for a light lunch. And a full self-service bar for the obligatory Gin & Tonic.

When Afternoon tea was brought out, the hot and cold salad bar selections were removed and replaced with a huge selection of sandwiches as well as two cakes, pre-sliced and looking very tempting.

I was so surprised to find that the Chocolate Cake was “GLUTEN FREE” as it sat next to the carrot cake and looked like a regular cake. I took a slice (in a plastic box that I carried with me as I always travel with food when travelling) and decided that that would do for my meal onboard the short-haul flight to Pisa.

Whilst on my outbound flight, after taking off, the Cabin Crew delivered the meal to Club Europe passengers. Note on short-haul on British Airways Economy Passengers now have to pay for their meals from the included Menu. I could only find one GLUTEN FREE item in the M&S provided catalogue which reinforces why I always travel with my own food! But surprisingly I learnt that travelling in Club Europe meant that I could have ordered a GLUTEN FREE meal! Of course, they didn’t any spare ones but had a choice of the standard meal of Afternoon Tea with sandwiches or Afternoon Tea with a Ploughmans. I opted for the later which had some bits I could eat. Thankfully the slice of bread was wrapped  but the sausage roll (now removed in the photo) could not be eaten. The slice of ham and very light salad, alongside the cheese and pickle was a nice snack alongside my GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Cake slice!

Of course, now knowing I could reserve a GLUTEN FREE Meal for my return journey, I did before we flew back: quite a simple task on

In the Pisa shared Lounge, which BA Premium passengers can use, they had a separate table labelled GLUTEN FREE. This was useful although upon inspection the “regular” crisps were also GLUTEN FREE. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised as I found Italy to be rather good at dealing with my allergies and I never went hungry.

Good to have a separate selection, even in a secondary Airport Lounge.

Onboard, the Cabin Crew were keen to confirm to me that they had a “Special Meal” ordered for me. That pleased me lots as it was a reassurance having only just eaten several little bags of crisps!

It was a good healthy salad. And yes, I did take off the boil egg pieces (with the dreaded yolk which I can not tolerate), it was a good solid healthy snack. Having seen what had been presented to the passengers on  the way out, I knew that this had been return-catered and the food had originated from a London catering kitchen.

And of course, you can’t fly without a good Gin & Tonic, and a glass of water.

So I did finish my Salad and the Fruit Salad.

So another good flight with Good GLUTEN FREE food. Clearly, it is better to pre-order a meal (if you can)!

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One of the hard-hitting posters (featuring Yours Truly) from Coeliac UK launched for Awareness Week, held in 2015 and to seen in The Netherlands last year in 2016.

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This information was correct as of May 2017.

But as I am learning, ingredients do change and therefore you should always read the label and check for yourself whether it is GLUTEN FREE or not!




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