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NEW GLUTEN FREE Minion Kinder Eggs to promote Despicable Me 3…

The Kinder Egg, made by Ferrero, under partnership with Universal Pictures is branding it’s Chocolate Kinder Eggs with Despicable Me,  which will be launched in June 2017, at the same time as the new film. They will feature the three movie characters: Gru, Mini Minion and Agnus on its packaging and will be available from Mid-May 2017. They have confirmed “Kinder Surprise continues to deliver incremental sales for retailers and we’re confident that this new partnership will be popular with parents looking to purchase a relevant treat for their children. The Despicable Me franchise and box office sales have totaled £4.8 billion since its launch and, with over 20 million fans on Facebook, we’re confident the new film with be another hit.”

Kinder Surprise is worth around £65 million whilst continuing to perform well with growth of around 7% per annum in the kid’s confectionery market. Most of their products are GLUTEN FREE (although the do contain MILK) and have both Easter Egg Kinder Surprise Eggs as well as Christmas branded chocolates. KINDER: From my Chocolate Bar review, some the Kinder Range is GLUTEN FREE including Kinder Eggs but not all of it! For Easter 2017, they have several GLUTEN FREE options. The ones I have found and seen, that are GLUTEN FREE include:

Regular KINDER "Surprise" Chocolate Eggs (in multi-packs and individually).

Regular KINDER “Surprise” Chocolate Eggs (in multi-packs and individually).

Contains MILK & SOYA.

Mini KINDER Chocolate Eggs

Mini KINDER Chocolate Eggs

Available in Small, Medium Large and Very Large Bags!


Kinder Eggs for Boys

Contains MILK & SOYA.

Kinder Eggs for Girls

Contains MILK & SOYA.

Kinder Chocolates

Contains MILK & SOYA.

KINDER Surprise Easter Eggs

“Disney Princess” KINDER Surprise Easter Eggs

Contains MILK & SOYA. States “Suitable for Vegetarians

Kinder Surprise Bunny

Contains MILK & SOYA. States “Suitable for Vegetarians

Other (non-pictured and not mentioned above) KINDER Products which are GLUTEN FREE include:





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