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Eating a GLUTEN FREE Burger @Patty & Bun in Notting Hill, London…

I do like a good meaty Beef Burger with all the trimmings. There is something quite comforting and filling about the traditional American meal. Indeed, on my blog I have reviewed several different ones so it is always good to find a new location and a new option for Coeliacs.

It can be a challenge when you’re a Coeliac: either you need to find a Burger Joint that caters for Coeliacs (such as Honest Burger with branches in central London and whom offer both GLUTEN FREE Burger Buns, GLUTEN FREE Fries and even GLUTEN FREE Onion Rings or Ed’s Diner who also offer GLUTEN FREE Hot Dogs, GLUTEN FREE Burgers and GLUTEN FREE Fries), travel Internationally (and discover GLUTEN FREE MacDonald’s in The Netherlands with GLUTEN FREE Buns) or in the USA with  a great GLUTEN FREE Burger at BareBurger  or make a dangerous decision: You’ll go somewhere who offers a GLUTEN FREE Bun but without any Fries (such as the chain GBK as they cook them with their Onion Rings and therefore do not claim them to be GLUTEN FREE) or you go somewhere who offer neither a GLUTEN FREE Bun or GLUTEN FREE Fries (such as Byron) or Five Guys with loads of toppings but instead of GLUTEN FREE Bread they wrap them in lettuce!

Inside the Notting Hill restaurant

Feeling quite the hipster, this young burger chain has already made an impact on the London restaurant scene from starting out as a pop-up to a small chain of restaurants in less than one year. It was quiet earlier evening and despite the alleged queues around the block for burgers, we found a table quite easily. The menu is simple and straight-to-the-point with a selection of burgers and sides on offer.


They provide a selection of sides which include skin-on rosemary salt chips and most burgers are served in the standard glazed brioche bun. Of course, they offer a GLUTEN FREE Bun (which is a little confusing as after placing our order, we are advised that they can not guarantee the Burger will be GLUTEN FREE and may contain traces of GLUTEN due to the preparation area). I guess this is there get-out clause!

I chose the “Smokey Robinson Burger” which is described as including  “Beef patty, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Mounds of caramelised onions, Bacon, Ketchup, Smokey P&B mayo, Brioche”. and opted for the GLUTEN FREE Bun. This was no problem, apart from the disclaimed mentioned above.

My burger

Whilst it seems quite a small burger (or are my hands just that big really!) it was a good solid GLUTEN FREE Roll which was quite light and airy. The burger was well cooked (medium) as they suggested with a generous dollop of fried onions as well as the bacon and the cheese. It was a good solid burger meal alongside the fries. And probably a bit too much filling as it was hard to eat it without having the filling squeeze out of the other end!

With branches in Marylebone (James Street), the City (Liverpool St), Hackney (London Fields), Soho (Old Compton St), Shoreditch (Redchurch St), Fitzrovia (Goodge St) and again the City (Swingers London), I am sure I’ll be popping in again for good burger meal.

Other Burgers reviewed on my blog include Ed’s Diner,  Five Guys,  Honest BurgersGBKByron Burgers (all in the UK) as well as BareBurger (in the USA).  And for other Accredited Restaurants by Coeliac UK: Click Here. including CarlucciosLa Tasca and Pizza Express.

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This information was correct as of AUGUST 2017.

But as I am learning, ingredients do change and therefore you should always read the label and check for yourself whether it is GLUTEN FREE or not!


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