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EGG-sellent GLUTEN FREE & DAIRY FREE Chocolate Eggs un-Scrambled for Easter 2014

Having already looked into GLUTEN FREE Chocolate bars, it seemed timely to look into Easter 2014.

GF Chocolate Summary

Here is a selection of GLUTEN FREE choices for you as well as some DAIRY FREE options:

Cadburys Easter GF

I have to start with the best known UK’s producer of Chocolate delight although they refer to it as “Gluten Absent Products” although they add the caveat: “Please note: we cannot ever guarantee that any of our products are 100% free from such contaminant“. On their website they have a Selector which lists /pictures all the “Gluten Absent Products” within their Easter range. I have found Cadburys chocolates in loads of retailers and so pleased that the Cadburys Crème Egg is GLUTEN FREE!

  • Dairy Milk Buttons Chick
  • EggHeads
  • Mini Caramel Eggs Bag
  • Easter Egg Trail Pack
  • Mini Crème Eggs Bag
  • Mini Eggs
  • Caramel Egg
  • Caramel Bunny
  • Mini Daim Eggs
  • Dairy Milk Mini Eggs Bag
  • Cadbury Crème Egg

Last year, a major food manufacturer published a listing of GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Easter Eggs which included a larger Cadburys list (Genius It included Small Buttons Egg, Medium Flake Egg). Of course, I know one year is a long time so  I spoke with Cadburys to check on the full listing of Easter Eggs they produce (0121 4511 4444) and my dietary requirements. They confirmed that last year some Eggs (including Egg Shell chocolate were labelled Gluten Free) but this has now changed and therefore the only items they recommend I eat were as indicated on above. The Customer Service Agent took my details and responded:

Further to our recent conversation. I have received the following information about your enquiry.

All our Easter Eggs are gluten free but Roses & Flake are made on the same production line as products with gluten as ingredients therefore we have to place ‘may contain nuts’ on the packaging.
The Egg shell itself does not contain gluten and is not made on the same production lines as products that contain gluten, but this refers to the chocolate shell only – the allergens for the individual bars will be labelled separately on the pack and will vary depending on the bar.
I hope this information has answered your query. Thank you for contacting Cadbury“.

I guess this does make real sense: there are no GLUTEN ingredients in the chocolate to make Easter Egg Shells but in order to enjoy a full product and eat the accompanying bar, you have to have a GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Bar made by Cadburys: Wispa, Wispa Gold, Twirl, Crunchie, Flake, Fudge, Curly Wurly, Chomp, Turkish Delight.


As per my previous post, Nestle list out all their products which do not contain Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye or any added Gluten which is periodically updated. The latest version is from March 2014 and covers Chocolate but not Easter Eggs. I spoke with Nestle (0800 00 00 30) and the Customer Relations representative confirmed that some chocolates were produced in factories which were strictly GLUTEN FREE and some items were produced that could not be GLUTEN FREE. The Chocolate Eggs and Chocolate products produced in the Halifax Factory (such as all Aero Easter Eggs) are not Gluten free but the items produced by Magna are GLUTEN FREE with the exception of MilkyBar Easter Eggs and Smarties Easter Eggs. She also reinforced the listing that Nestle publish:

  • After Eight Easter Egg
  • Quality Street Easter Egg
  • Toffee Crisp Easter Egg (But not the Toffee Crisp Bars that are included!!! Only Toffee Crisp Popcorn is GLUTEN FREE)

M&S GF Easter

It seems “Made without Wheat” is an exciting area for M&S with lots of new products popping up. This Easter they have launched a “Made without Dairy” Egg which is made from soya lecithin. It is suitable for Vegetarians but not those who suffer a nut allergy. They also produce an extensive listing of GLUTEN FREE products, available on their website:  This latest version was published in February 2014.

  • Chicky Choccy Speckled Egg Treat Bag
  • Dairy Free Egg
  • Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate Egg with mini eggs
  • Double Chocolate Easter Egg
  • Easter Bunnies Easter mallows
  • Easter Special Fudge Selection
  • Egg Cups
  • Foam Chicks & Bunnies
  • Giant Bunny Bennett
  • Hello Kitty Easter Egg
  • Hello Kitty Easter Egg Bag
  • Hide & Seek Egg Hunt Bag
  • Large Tray of Foil Eggs
  • Luxury Fair-trade Dark Chocolate Egg
  • Made Without Wheat Marbled Egg
  • Medium Bunny Blossom
  • Medium Bunny Beatrice
  • Net of Caramel Filled Half Eggs
  • Net of Solid McEggs (clipstrip)
  • Net of Solid McEggs (sot)
  • New Chocolate Milk Chocolate Egg loaded with Honeycomb

I haven’t seen the “Made without Wheat” egg in stores yet but quite excited about the “Made without Dairy” Egg and a wide selection of novelty items. I particularly like look of the White Chocolate Kitty!

Moo Moo Chocolate

Moo Free:
I have always liked the Moo Free chocolate bars, they really taste like chocolate but are DAIRY FREE, LACTOSE FREE, GLUTEN FREE, WHEAT FREE, suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans alike. They have a small selection of Easter chocolates which I have seen in Little Waitrose, Sainburys as well as in Whole Foods.

  • Bunny Comb Easter Egg
  • Caramelised Hazelnuts Egg
  • Organic Dairy Free Egg (made with Rice Milk)
  • Mini Moo Bunny Bar
  • Mini Moo Bunny Comb Bar

Waitrose GF

Good to see some of the selections at Waitrose are GLUTEN FREE although not all their Easter products seem to have allergy information on their website. Available in stores and to order online.

  • Seriously Chocolaty Milk Chocolate Egg
  • Serious Dark Chocolate Egg
  • Belgian Dark Chocolate Egg
  • Belgian Chocolate with Caramel
  • Belgian Chocolate with Egg & Dolly Mixture Mix
  • Belgian Chocolate with Egg & Jelly Drops
  • Belgian Chocolate with Egg & Jelly Beans
  • Milk Chocolate Egg
  • Jelly Mini Eggs
  • Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs
  • Marzipan Mini Eggs
  • Easter Praline Eggs
  • Woodland Friends Easter Hunt

Thorntons GF

I am surprised how many Thorntons products are GLUTEN FREE and the availability of them: as they seem to be in all Tesco shops as well as their own stores across the country. There is a good selection of proper eggs as well as novelty items. On the website, you can review their Easter Options with “no gluten containing ingredients” by a simple filter and it currently lists 35 different Easter products!

  •  Fudge Brownie Egg
  • Raspberry Cheesecake Egg
  • Banoffee Pie Egg
  • Milk Chocolate Chunky Egg
  • Dark Chocolate Chunky Egg
  • White Chocolate Chunky Egg
  • Special Toffee Chocolate Egg
  • Fabulous Fudge Chocolate Egg
  • Marvellously Magnificent Egg
  • Continental Luxury Egg
  • Milk Chocolate Spectacular Egg
  • Chocolate Smiles Egg
  • Moments Milk Chocolate Egg
  • Classics Milk Chocolate Egg
  • Milk Chocolate Harry Hopalot Model
  • White Chocolate Harry Hopalot Model
  • Milk Chocolate Egg
  • White Chocolate Egg
  • Milk Chocolate Rocket Egg
  • White Chocolate Harry Hopalot Egg
  • Shining Star Egg
  • Scooter Egg
  • Footy Fanatic Egg
  • Chocolate Cupcake Egg
  • Classic Milk Chocolate Eff
  • Milk Dark & White Mini Masterpieces Egg
  • 70% Dark Chocolate Masterpiece Egg
  • Hot Cross Bun Egg
  • Giant Harry Hopalot Model
  • Little Hot Cross Buns

Green & Black GF Easter

Greens & Black:
Have to be careful with Green & Black Chocolates although they have some GLUTEN FREE options this year. They do have a warning that some of their Easter Eggs are not suitable for those with an allergy to Milk:

  • Milk Chocolate Egg
  • Butterscotch Chocolate Egg
  • Dark 70% Chocolate Egg
  • Mint Chocolate Egg

Booja Booja

Booja Booja:
A small exclusive chocolatier whose products are all DAIRY FREE, ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE and SOYA FREE. They have a selection of Easter Eggs which look beautiful. The right amount of stylish packaging which adds to their beautiful chocolates. I also found out they have moved into DAIRY FREE Ice-Cream which I will have to look out for. The website have a list of Stockists including a lot of health food shops, Whole Foods Markets, Pod and Waitrose. I’ve bought them from Whole Foods Market in Piccadilly, London.

  • Around Midnight Espresso Egg
  • Banoffee Toffee Egg
  • Hazelnut Egg
  • Rum Sozzled Sultana Egg
  • Fine de Champagne Truffle Egg

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat:
The range of GLUTEN FREE chocolates has grown and grown. On their website, you can filter their Easter gifts to find 32 items ranging from £2.00 “Egg on Toast Lick” Lolly to “Easter Hamper” at £39.00 Add very elegant with a playful selection of novelty items.

  • The Easter Sleekster Selection
  • The Easter H-Box Selection
  • The Facet Luxury Milk Chocolate Egg
  • White & Light Extra thick Egg
  • Goose Eggs
  • Egg & Chips
  • A Dozen Quail Egglets
  • Easter Pick Me Up
  • Choc Cross Buns
  • Easter Bunny in a Muddle
  • Milk Chocolate Tiddly Chicks
  • Nibble & Peck
  • Caramel Bow Tie Easter Bunnies
  • Big City Easter Bunny
  • Classic Easter Egglets
  • Champagne Easter Egglets
  • Bow Tie Easter Bunnies
  • Dark Chocolate Eggs & Soldiers
  • Praline Bow Tier Easter Bunny
  • raspberry Zinger Egglets

So there’s no excuse not to enjoy a EGG-citing chocolate filled GLUTEN FREE Easter with a selection of tasty, exciting and fabulous Chocolate filled Easter. Have an EGG-sellent Easter and there are more suppliers out there so please feel free to add your favourites in the comments section.



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