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Product Reviews: GLUTEN FREE Mince Pies enjoyed for Christmas 2014

GF Mince Pies

I have to confess that I love Mince Pies. Some of my International followers will be shocked and confused by what I mean by Mince Pies but they are British Tradition which includes encasing sweet dried fruits, raisins, sultanas in a sweet pastry casing. I can confirm that these do not contain “mince meat” as in uncooked pork or beef meat.

Other readers will be confused that I’m posting about Christmas in Spring! For some, a sunny day and bright blue skies but life sometimes takes over so I thought it would be nice reminder of happy seasonal times to be enjoyed again soon…

These sweet treats can be served hot or cold and with an accompaniment such as custard or cream.

Tesco Free From Mince Pies:

Tesco Free From Mince Pies

This pack of 4 Mince Pies are well packaged and well filled. The filling was very “mushy” rather than identifiable  small pieces of dried fruit which is a shame. It was a particularly sweet Mince Pie.

Better Life Bakery Luxury Brandy Butter Mince Pies

GF Mince Pies

Better Life Bakery were found at the Liverpool Allergy & Free From Show and had two different Mince Pies on offer. These had a lovely soft top although I did feel that they were a little too light in colour but you could change that if you heated them up in the oven. The filling was lovely and moisture with a rich flavour of brandy butter. A good size with six in a box.

Better Life Bakery Luxury Viennesse Mince Pies

GF Mince Pies

Again, picked up at the Liverpool Allergy & Free From Show, these were delightful as they looked beautiful. Very distinctive with a creamy enticing swirl on top.

Waitrose Free From Deep Filled Mince Pies

I found these Mince Pies in my local Little Waitrose. I was really impressed with these as had a generous and succulent sweet filling. The pastry was sweet and after heating it up in the oven, crisp.

Sainsburys Free From Mince Pies:

A good thin pastry shell and top made it a good sweet pie. Unfortunately I found the filling to be extremely sweet, too much so, and the consistency of the fruit was rough.

LoveMore Mince Pies 

Purchased at Holland and Barretts., protected in a cellaphone wrapped plastic tray. A good size, they seemed larger than many of the other mince pies but you can see there is quite a thick crust around the edge. The filling was well processed, fruity and sweet.

 Marks & Spencer Mince Pies


These were beautifully presented, wrapped in cellaphone and in a firm solid plastic casing. They didn’t particularly travel well as the edges were all crumpled and damaged. The star shape means there is just the right amount of pastry to filling mix. And a really sweet and sticky fruit filling.




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