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Restaurant Review: Leon (Gluten Free) dinner, The Strand, London.

Leon the Strand Monday Evening

At Leon (on the Strand, London) you will find the counters and a large open area (which I would imagine is pretty busy at lunchtimes). The counter has large photographic menus like most fast-food restaurants and glass cabinets with food which looks enticing. Quite a selection so there are different boards to look at. On the side there is seating quite small tables, packed in close together but then it is relatively fast food: you order at the counter and when it’s all ready they bring it over to your table.

I’ve eaten a lunch box at Leon’s before but at dinner they offer a meze style dinner as well as several specials. I selected the Grilled Meatballs (“Grilled meatballs cooked down in a plum tomato sauce with fresh herbs and spices“), the Grilled Chorizo (“Grilled Brindisa chorizo served with fresh herbs and a wedge of lemon“) and the lovely baked fries. The meatballs are soft and the tomato sauce has a real spicy kick to it. The grilled chorizo oozes flavour and the Baked Fries have a super crisp edge. Unfortunately they looked so good when the arrived at the table that I forgot to take a picture of the dishes!

On the menu, they have symbols to clearly identify any food allergy ingredients within each dish (Low saturated fat dish, low gycemic load, wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan.
Leon Menu
They have a really good website which clearly outlines all the allergy information you would ever need to know. They cover all the breakfast, lunch and evening dishes so you can be clear what to eat and what to avoid before you’ve stepped inside.

And if I had had room, they also have several GLUTEN FREE dessert options! Really enjoy the selections they have.


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