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Restaurant Review: New Summer Menu at Pizza Express (The Strand, London) in April 2014

Pizza Express

The Pizza Express branch on The Strand, London is one of the largest ones I know. It is spread over two levels with many different smaller dining rooms with a mix of standard tables as well as some booths. It is a busy branch located close to Trafalgar Square so full of tourists as well as “yocals” but a fast turnaround with GLUTEN FREE options.

Whilst they do not offer a separate GF Menu, they highlight which dishes are suitable. This includes their new Risotto Fresco, described on the menu as “Oak-roasted peppered salmon fillet, garlic and parsley in a creamy white wine risotto. Finished with rocket and lemon.” And it doesn’t disappoint. I would say the real food compares well with the “picture” which features on their Spring Collection marketing all around the restaurant and on the tables. It is a good wet risotto with a soft juicy sauce. The salmon is covered in pepper (more so than in the picture) which is probably needed as Salmon can be such a dry and tasteless fish. Nice to see a chunk of fresh lemon on the side of the dish, which adds a citrus twist to the flavours. The rocket on top adds a nice texture and further pepperiness to the dish!

Risotto Fresco

A fellow diner opted for “starter” portion of the risotto and quickly wanted to “try” some of my full -sized version so be warned: it is lovely and the starter size portion is just that: a starter!

It is good to visit Pizza Express and not have a pizza (even if it is GLUTEN FREE: April 2014 Pizza Express Review and November 2013 Review) they now offer a risotto option that’s GLUTEN FREE. I hope other “flavours” and more risotto dishes make it to their Summer Collection menu?!


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