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Tasting Gorgeous GLUTEN FREE Cakes from Oree Patisserie…

So lucky to have special friends that now look out for GLUTEN FREE food when they’re out and about. Indeed, it allows me to try and taste some beautiful GLUTEN FREE delights; some of which I probably would never find myself. From my posts, you will know I have a very sweet-tooth and so delicate French Patisserie cakes would so please me! I’m glad I have discovered Oree!

Beautiful OREE Patisserie GLUTEN FREE Cakes

Beautiful OREE Patisserie GLUTEN FREE Cakes

Located on the Fulham Road, West London, Laurent d’Orey has brought the distinct and special taste of France across the Channel with these beautiful patisserie cakes which look  like regular cakes but of course, they’re Special! They’re GLUTEN FREE!

GLUTEN FREE STRAWBERRY TARTELETTE: This looked like a picture-postcard: just so mouth-wateringly good. Fresh lush strawberries a top a firm pastry case with a creme patisserie filling. The pastry was firm and clearly blind baked before the filling was added and the sweetness of the strawberries added to this great dessert. Indeed, the “custard” filling was soft and creamy.

GLUTEN FREE Strawberry Tartelette by OREE

GLUTEN FREE Strawberry Tartelette by OREE

I think this was my second favourite treat from OREE. My favourite being….

GLUTEN FREE LEMON YUZU MERINGUE TARTELETTE: Not had one of these for years so was nearly in tears when this was presented to me. Despite what is shown on my blog, I did share this, hence half a slice but I could have so easily eaten all of this. Yes, I was advised that the pastry case was a little grainy (in-comparison to regular French pastry) but for me, I can’t remember what regular food tastes like so having it was a joy.

Gluten Free Lemon Meringue OH WOW

Gluten Free Lemon Meringue OH WOW

The Lemon filling was light with a good zesty kick: not too bitter but complimenting the light whippy meringue topping. My only negative was that the meringue could have been “burnt” a little more perhaps adding to the aesthetics of the cake and a little more colour to the top (rather than pure whiteness of the sugaryness).

GLUTEN FREE CHOCOLATE TARTELETTE: This dessert was also a winner for me. Indeed, I suspect they use the same pastry cases for all the cakes but this had a rich dark chocolate filling which melted in the mouth. It had broken biscuits crumbs on top which made me a little nervous as they were light and refreshing (and looked like regular crumbs! but were GLUTEN FREE). It also arrived with split hazelnuts which contrasted with the rich chocolate in texture as well as taste.

Gluten Free Chocolate Tartelette by Oree

Gluten Free Chocolate Tartelette by Oree

Whilst I only had half of this dessert, I would say that this was quite rich and heavy so probably enough was enjoyed and of course, I did love the Lemon Meringue (pictured).

GLUTEN FREE OPERA CAKE: Now this looked really interesting: a little bit of edible gold leaf decorating a shiny glossy chocolate topping. Despite my love of chocolate, I was a little disappointed with this cake. It was a little heavier with quite a nutty almond sponge with a sharp flavour of coffee and a layer of ganache buttercream (which was also rather coffee-ish). I guess this looked the part but maybe with my aversion to too many almonds, this wasn’t a great choice:

Gluten Free Opera Cake by Oree

Gluten Free Opera Cake by Oree

Please give me the LEMON YOZU MERINGUE Cake anytime!

I enjoyed these special GLUTEN FREE treat but in my research for this blog, I was concerned that they state a clear warning on the OREE Website: WARNING: They do state that “Our Gluten Free Ingredients products are designed for those with minor gluten sensitivities or those who prefer to avoid gluten for nutritional reasons. Not suitable for those with Celiac disease.” I contacted them via their website and they advised that it is due to the Manufacturing Methods (i.e. the kitchen where these GLUTEN FREE desserts are made is shared with the products made with GLUTEN). I have to say, I didn’t had any issues with these cakes so I suspect this has been provided to protect the store /staff but I leave it to you to decide whether you take the risk: I did, and I love OREE.

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This information was correct as at publishing in June 2016.


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