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Product Review: “Too Good to be Gluten Free” Chocolate & Morello Cherry Tart

Chocolate tart

Saw this in the fridges of Wholefoods and couldn’t resist it .

In a light thin pastry, so very thin, a beautiful rich chocolate moose sits with individual sour cherries mixed into the delicious creamy topping. It was a light but really rich dessert and of a good size: leaving you wanting more.

When I served mine, (similarly to the picture on their website), I dressed it with a dusting of Icing Sugar. It just makes it look so much more delicious!


Ingredients: (as per the packaging)


Also available is a lovely Vanilla & Blueberry Cheesecake which I have also reviewed on my blog and a savoury Steak and Mushroom  Meat Pie.


14 comments on “Product Review: “Too Good to be Gluten Free” Chocolate & Morello Cherry Tart

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